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    Hi! I'm a stay-home mom of 2 teenagers, one 16 and the other, who is developmentally disabled, is 13, and I've been married 20 years!


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  1. I'm so glad to hear about this! God's people uniting in prayer and unencumbered praise (i:e, noone hawking t-shirts, lol!) is the only thing that will turn this country back to Him. And 7-7-7 is a date even I can remember!
  2. You are in my prayers too (((hug)))
  3. Thanks again for your prayers, looks like I monopolized this thread that ABC started. God is still worthy of praise, that doesn't change just because my problems mount and grow. He made me wonderfully aware of just how weak I am, and therefore, how much I need to lean on Him all the time. That's a real blessing in this country where alot of folks don't give Him a second thought!
  4. Thank you So Much, your prayers helped me rise above fear in this difficult time. The masses were determined to be noncancerous masses, though I'm scheduled for a needle biopsy "just to be sure". I'm staying hidden in the shadow of His wings, and very happy my family doesn't have to go through all that fear again!
  5. Should've guessed. I came to this site tonight and there's prayer before I even ask for it. I've survived so much, from a massive stroke to cancer and lots in between. Today they mammogram found a lump. They took me immediately to ultrasound it, but I don't get to hear the results for a few days yet. Can't talk to mom about it, she panics and after all, my sis-in-law died a few years back from breast cancer, leaving my brother with an 18-mo. old and a 5 yr. old. Now DH is baffled at me because I had to tell him that the doc originally felt a lump back in November. But I just didn't want to deal with it. I know, not very mature, and I don't expect anyone to understand, I don't even. But I had several friends go through this nightmare only to find out the lumps were common, harmless fibroids. And I just don't feel like going for an emotional rollercoaster ride. Right now, I just feel like an immature basket case. Mary
  6. Thanks, it's so good to hear that I'm not just being callous! I'm considering, at this point, helping him with a couple of classes but making HIM pay for his math class next fall. Perhaps that will gel for him just what's on the line, finance-wise. I was unable to complete an AA degree because of finances, so I'm super-sensitive on this issue. Trust me, there are no jobs where my heart lies without a degree, and due to a traumatic brain injury, I can't retain the information to complete my degree anymore. That's why I'm lodged in the "starving artist" ranks, lol! ( http://home.att.net/~sdmorgan/wsb/html/view.cgi-home.html-.html)
  7. My son is (hopefully) graduating this June. We have battled with him to get his homework done his entire school carreer- DH actually has an ed. degree and has been a world-champ at assisting him. Today I get a letter from his math teacher outlining the fact that he not only is not turning in his work, he isn't even availing himself of the opportunities for help that are offered. DH is quite sure about sending this boy to college, and I know he'll never find a job without it, but I'm just not convinced that coughing up hundreds of dollars for a math class that he will, all evidence and past experience proving, probably not really even try to pass. He has some lofty ideas about how his college career should go, I am unwilling to put my home on the line to obtain the loans we will need to pay for college for someone who hasn't proved that he is willing to do the work. I know that sounds pretty cold, coming from a mom, but I'm looking at the reality of the situation and seeing the iceberg dead ahead. Anyone been in this situation? I'll submit to what my DH wishes to do, I'm just so very, very, very tired of trying to spoon-feed an education into this boy.
  8. Romans 8:11 NIV And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you. Wow, I gotta think God really inspired the people who chose these verses, this one has a great deal of meaning to me.
  9. Whew, makes me tired just reading it! My Becky used to get more complications from illnesses, but has outgrown many of those things (she's 14). I'm grateful shes outgrown alot of things the experts said she never would. Like, she used to become actively nauseated if she got something goopy on her hands. And she couldn't stand to have the palms of her hands or the soles of her feet touched by anything, and had daily (even hourly) episodes of reflux. Like your boy, she knows more than she is willing to let on! I can't tell you how much I wish her speech were more than it is, especially when I can tell she really has something she wants to communicate. It's heartbreaking when she gives a heavy sigh then gives up trying. She does have a very silly, slipping-on-a-banana-peel type sense of humor. Whoah, is it ever funny when Mom bonks her head on something! She was a bit of a preemie, but not enough to result in PVL. I don't remember hearing about PDE, is that the one that makes them sensitive to certain vitamins? I hope you have access to a good physical/speech therapist for the boys, it really makes all the difference in the world. Your boys sound just wonderfully charming!
  10. Thanks so much for your prayers, I've been able to get things back into perspective. Yes, the hiring was a "buddy of a buddy" thing, but that's never been the problem. My hurt comes from thinking I was the best person for the job, and having waited so long for a chance at it. I'm working on a new direction now, and I really think I'm just made to be alone alot. I can deal with that. It makes me reach out & try to connect a bit more than I might otherwise. And I do get alot more housework done when I'm not dashing allover the countryside, bleah! If it isn't too rude to ask, which metabolic disorder do your boys have? My daughter has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and a couple other things. But the only thing that's giving me grief at the moment is that she is very much a moody teenager, albeit a nonverbal one! Do we have an icon for "mom tearing her hair out"?
  11. Is that a depressing titile for a post? Probably, I'm in a pretty dark place right now. I've been substituting in the grade school in my tiny town for 10 years. My son is a senior in HS, DD is in middle school. Because she is disabled, work options are very limited. But I need to get out of the house and be around people or I get a little loopy. So I tried for a permanent position at the school. The sp. ed. teacher knows how well I work with the kids and really encouraged me to apply for a position. I've been waiting since Sept. for funding to be approved for it.Finally, last month, the funding was approved and the job posted. She set the hours so I could work around the hours DD is in school. I already knew and worked very effectively with the kids involved- the mom of one literally sang my praises at the end of last year for the help I'd been to her son. Yesterday I had a sub position at the school- and discovered that the principal had hired someone else, a gal with a best friend who works at the school and had caught wind of the position. I wasn't even interviewed. It was such a painful slam, I've withdrawn my name from the sub pool. DH is worried about how isolated I get here (in the country, everyone around works all day, and due to partial blindness my ability to get anywhere is severely restricted). This hurt has lodged itself in my gut right next to several others, and I think they are tearing me apart. Yes, I do spend alot of time in prayer. Yes I do trust in God. I also know that in a fractured world, painful things happen. I'm just having a very hard time finding my footing right now, so hard I'm even asking near strangers who know my Lord to pray for me. Thanks, Mary
  12. Amanda, you have my prayers today and ongoing. I'm the mom of a special needs daughter too, and know too well how isolating and dark it can be at times. Mary
  13. Oh, sweetie, you need help & quick. Your husband has "emotionally divorced" you, and someone with the skills and know-how needs to intervene here. Don't let this go on any longer, I've seen it happen over & over and it is NOT healthy for you or your little girls. Start with your pastor, if that's someone you trust. They should know what steps to take from here. My heart goes out to you, this situation Can be turned around!
  14. My son (17) likes skillet, raliant K, Casting Crowns, that sort of thing. But a boy i know, a very sincere Christian (and completely without tattoos! ), loves Screamo-type stuff. It really depends on the kid, what speaks to them. I absolutely LOVE the Newsboys, btw, surprised noone has mentioned them yet.
  15. My daughter is functionally nonverbal, with multiple issues- she has suddenly put on such a great deal of weight that she has stretch marks on her arms & everywhere. Don't know if it's puberty or what, so I'm working on a list of questions to ask her doc when we go in next week. I suspect my budgeting problems stem largely from my own tendancy to use shopping (even just grocery shopping) as a boredom reliever rather than a necessary tool to keep things running! But yes, I'd appreciate any information! (I cannot, however, do any work at home stuff, I just get lost in all the tax laws and requirements in this state and county. Not very small-business friendly at all!) But with both my son and husband doing short-term missions trips this year, I'd treasure prayers in this area.

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