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  1. It's been a while since I've posted anything, but today this caught my eye. It just made me think of how different seasons can be for us moms. I remember just mourning the day I was going to have to go back to work. I quit my job as a teacher when I got pregnant with my first child. I LOVED staying home with each of my four girls. When it was time to go back, I was NOT liking the idea. I remember praying everyday that first year back to work that God would make a provision for me to stay home. Now, six years later, we have all adjusted, and I LOVE my job. I realize that God is using me where I am, and this is His perfect will for me! Being off when my kids are off is a huge plus.
  2. Hey Friends, I wanted to invite you to read/join my blog at ginaleebell.blogspot.com I hope it encourages you! Blessings, Gina
  3. Okay, you won't believe this happened today after we were just recently talking about this. My two high school girls told me that a bunch of people got together today at their school and wore pro life shirts. BTW- My own girls do own a pro life shirt, but didn't wear them. (At least two of the administrators at their school are Christians that I know of.) Some of the teachers were griping that people should get to choose what they do with their bodies. Just thought this was all interesting after our recent conversation in here. SL
  4. My niece and I were having a discussion today about the story of the prodigal son. She had brought up a good point about how the older brother was just as sinful as the son who had left the father. The older brother was angry that the father had shown his "sinful" brother such forgiveness and was blessing him. I think it is true and that we are all a little guilty at times of thinking we are better than we really are. Pride can be very subtle and can cause "blinders." On the other hand, I also think that sometimes the fact that Christians don't participate in certain activities or behaviors causes some people to think we are judgmental when we actually aren't thinking that way at all and are just trying to do the right thing. It can also be a little frustrating to be accused of being judgmental when you aren't being judgmental. SL
  5. I love any Casting Crowns, Hillsong, third day- all awesome for Worship I also love any Natalie Grant
  6. I think if God wants you to move, He will allow circumstances to make you miserable until you do. It may be that you just need to work through this one issue, which it sounds like you are doing. I'll pray that He will give you clear direction. SL
  7. Well, thank you for the lively debate. I'm sure we've beaten it to death, but it has been interesting. Have a great weekend.
  8. Heather, You are certainly not alone in your opinion. However, look at my post. I am not trying to convince you to do something different. I simply disagreed. To say that we have "evolved into better people" because we don't spank is somewhat demeaning to those of us who do spank. Let's try to be respectful when we do happen to disagree in this forum. There is no "spare the rod, spoil the child" verse, but there are several others mentioned about discipline in the book of Proverbs, four specifically pertaining to "the rod." You are correct in saying that scripture does not demand that we spank. However there's much to be said about it. Proverbs was written by Solomon, a man who was given the gift of wisdom by God Himself, so yes I do read these scriptures and cherish them, even though they are in the Old Testament. As far as being creative, God is the Creator. So I'll stand on God's Word for the basis of how I parent. I'm not perfect by any means, but trying to do my best. As far as parenting goes,spanking is a tiny part of discipline as a whole. There is much more involved, and I am certainly learning as I go. What I do know is that any discipline that we do should be administered with love and training as the basis. According to the Bible, (New Testament) all discipline is painful at the moment, but reaps a harvest of good works. SL
  9. Heathbar, I have to respectfully disagree with you on the issue of spanking. The original translation of the Greek word for "rod" literally means part of a tree in the book of Proverbs. The original word for "rod" in Psalms means guidance. Proverbs tells us this practice is meant to train and teach, and it is not to be used to take anger out on a child, which is the way a lot of parents use it in their frustration. I'm not condoning that type of spanking or any kind of physical abuse. My children got some spankings when they were very young. They were always followed by a warning and a child's decision to deliberately disobey me. As they have gotten older, I believe that other practices of discipline work better as I can reason and explain things to them. SL
  10. Great story and great reminder! Thank you for sharing!
  11. I am currently writing a Christian novel and hoping to publish! I love Christian fiction, but I also read some secular books. I scan a lot of books that my teens are reading. Phil.4:8 tells us to set our minds on things that are honorable, noble, good, praise worthy, etc. Somewhere in Psalms is says, "I will set my eyes on no vile thing." So I do think we should be guarded, but that doesn't mean all secular books are bad. SL
  12. Thank you guys for an interesting discussion. The Bible does teach us to practice sound doctrine, (This is in one of Paul's letters..I'd have to look up the exact verse) so I do think it is important first of all to read and know what the Bible says, and to base our own beliefs upon what the Bible teaches and not necessarily just on what a church leader is saying. The Bible also says that a "Godly man will judge all things." It doesn't say people here, but I interpret this to mean that we need to discern whether what we are being taught is truth. No matter the doctrine of the church, there will be some saved and some unsaved in every denomination. Jesus tells a parable about wheat and tares. We will not know which are which until the end when Jesus reveals it. I agree with both of you that church is not there to save you. It is there with people to encourage you in your Christian walk. Another thought...I worship in a church that is quite traditional in their practices. I do not necessarily agree with every single practice, however, I do believe that what is taught is straight out of the Bible. There is no perfect church. SL
  13. Glad you are here, Brooke! We have some fun and lively discussions, and you will find a lot of love and support here. Southern Lady

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