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  1. My husband was concerned our daughter won't get to interact with kids enough, but I told him other homeschool moms get together often. They'd do classes together & meet at the Y for gym classes & go on trips, etc. Do you have a homeschooling group?
  2. I guess I'm an "unofficial" homeschooler. My daughter is still too young for school, but I do teach her some things at home. We use worksheets & the computer, etc. It isn't an everday, structured thing, but I am going to be doing it on a more regular basis now. Do you homeschool?
  3. I feel I've been through a lot, I think it's only Him and His faithfulness that keep me. I've had many temptations to walk away, but I believe His Spirit inside me won't let me. I could no more change it than change my height.
  4. Hi Everybody, Just checking in. I've been very busy here, had to return to work for awhile. So I worked some full-time temporary assignments which has kept me busy this summer. In addition, after looking into various things, I've pretty much determined that I had been involved in a cultish group & am in the process of trying to sort that out. I'm also starting to look into mommy groups in my area. So that's my life right now. Hoping to check in more often. :-)
  5. I'll have to look into that, thanks! welcome, by the way!
  6. Do you mean go to "inappropriate" sites and post "Godly messages" there?
  7. I'm not quite sure what you are struggling with, but I will pray for those things for you. God knows your need, and that is enough. ((Hugs to you)).
  8. Laurie, this is excellent. I'm looking forward to reading the other two when you have them ready. Thank you so much for sharing this, I'm really blessed.
  9. Welcome, Jennifer. I'm Kim, mom to a four year old girl. Hope you find some wonderful fellowship here! =)
  10. Welcome, Michelle. I'm Kim, mom to a 4 year old girl. I work part-time in a tutoring center. Nice to meet you!
  11. I am so glad to hear that, that is awesome!
  12. Yes, thank you, secondchance. I have to agree. At almost the very beginning of my walk, I wound up in a legalistic cultish Bible study, because they knew the Word in every circumstance & situation. Didn't realize until a dozen or so years later that there was no peace and confidence in Christ there. I had it at the very beginning, but the years of just "studying the Word" boxed me in more & more and made me rely more & more on what I needed to do, what God wanted from me, etc. Very subtle, didn't happen overnight. Didn't have anything else to compare it to, as I was a new Christian. Thought it was the right way to be. Saw the cults all go off on some Scripture or another, errors in doctrine based on their beliefs instead of the Word, and determined we had to stick as close as possible to the Word to "do it right". (Especially with the teachings that our hearts are deceptive & can't be trusted.) No grace or mercy in that, no leeway for mistakes, no excuses, no growth period. I got so confused I didn't know which voice was God's. I'm still confused.

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