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  1. Naejeirual, thanks for your opinion, but truthfully I can't think of anyone who would be able to put a thread about spanking kids into the 'wrong context'! As I am new here, I do not know what previous experiences you guys might have had, but all I can say is that you shouldn't shy away from doing or discussing anything, simply becuase you're worried of a what a tiny minority might think. So i hope we can carry on discussing this legitimate issue. Thanks
  2. I relatively quite new here, but there is something I have noticed when I read through the forums here. I know there are already other posts here that discuss whether spanking is good or not, but my question is different and is aimed towards those who do spank. So please don't turn this into a discussion about that Many times I have heard moms referring to "a spanking" here and there, but when you read between the lines, I find out that 'spanking' consitutes for quite different things in different peoples houses. For some, it means a small swat on the hiney, and vice versa for some it means going over a lap and using an implement to swat kids bottoms. I want to ask this question: what does "a spanking" in your house constitute? In my house, first and foremost 'a spanking' means 'bare bottom.' I will pick them up , pull down pants and put her over my knee. I spank around 3 or 4 times 'not very hard', only with my bare palm (not a spoon etc). After I spank, we will hug and make up, of course. Can you define what a spanking constitutes with your kids, if you do spank? (do you take down pants, put them over your lap or whatever...) I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
  3. This brings back so many memories! I'm thakfully out of that stage now, and in comparison, both my girls weren't too hard to train, than some other kids we know. I'll have to think about this one a little bit more before I put up a proper reply.
  4. When I was younger I used to think when we died, we'd all go to the house of the "big man with the white beard!!" Now, I think it would be immature for me to set out some dreamy fantasy of what lies beyond this life, simply becuase we do not know the way God works. But whatever comes next, our goal now is to live our lives the best way we can, and teach our children compassion, love and the teachings of Christ.
  5. Hi I have heard a lot of different moms who have said they have problems such as this and just wanted to hear your opinions on this. I know of many other women who are worried that that their work could sometimes be getting in the way off their family life, and they are afraid that they won't be there with their kids, to teach them about the fundamental values, and about religion etc I used to work, but now as I have 2 young kids, I have opted out 'for the time being' at least, so I can understand what they must be feeling like. I wonder if it is OK to ask other moms like you, who work, what their experiences on this are.
  6. I am new here too, and already I can tell why this site has become so popular. I think it is easy for moms to sometimes feel isolated and on their own,but is it wonderful to see the plenty other mothers who are in the exact same situation and deal with the same sorts of issues. I will definately be posting here more often.
  7. Loveofall, I know what you mean and it is great that you feel so enthusiastic about the work that you do, but if I could give any advice to you,it would be that family should take priority over work. There's no reason why someone can't be a good mother and a good worker, but there needs to be a balance and if you think your family and kids are missing out, then perhaps you need to step back a little bit, and re-think what's most important to you.
  8. I was born Christian, but it was really when I was in my early 20's that I became more heavily religious. I felt bad that I pretended to be religious and only seemed to turn to Christ when I was vulnerable or in need and realised this was not the type of relation I wanted with God. I don't think children are necessarily capable of mentally thinking through whether or not they understand (let alone 'accept') the real issues of religion, so I think you have to be an adult to fully accept the Lord again.
  9. I have 2 as it is right now, but know plenty of families with 3 kids. There is no difference between a family of 4, or 5 and whether you decide to have a child should come from your 'heart,' not from if you think it will be 'dynamically' possible.

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