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  1. i could of used that this morning. YUMMY!!! Cant wait to try it. Sounds easy and I Love omelettes. Thanks!!! MamaHeidi
  2. Sounds to me like there has to be a reason why he is so angry? Based on my experience there has to be a cause. do you think he is cheating? That happened to me and I have been the cheater and thats how we acted. totally!! You need to find out why he is angry and pray for him to come clean. Love, MamaHeidi
  3. i agree with miraclemom. It is a normal human trait to dream. Good and bad. I dont think that theres any evil causeing this. All my kids have had bad dreams before and they pray before bed. As far as being scared of the dark. I havent had any yet hat have been. They have only woken because of a dream or had to pee. If they are afraid then get a little night light. There's no harm in that. Anything to help them sleep the night!! Mamaheidi
  4. thank you!!! Thank you so much. Maybe you r here for me. I really need an ear and support. My life seems to have train recked down. What happens when we vere from Gods path. Staying in his word has been challenging and this saddens me. Anyways. I hope we can chat sometime. Love, MamaHeidi
  5. My Zachary!! My second child was born without us even knowing there was going to be a problem. He has neonatal thrombocytopenia a big word for his platelets were so low that he should have hemmridged. Once you have ababy die or live from this you can have more but the risk of losing them during vaginal labor is high. With low platelets they dont clot. Anyways.....he was such a fast labor we were so excited and he was so big(9lbs 3 oz) and healthy. That evening they came in and told us he would have to be shipped to Childrens hospital and hour away to get a blood transfusion. We figured it was already a miracle he survived without us knowing anything wrong that God must have a purpose for him. We called our church and friends and we all prayed that evening at 6:30 ish. Around 10:00pm the doctor came in and said he tested him again and his platelets had risen up to 26,000. (supposed to be 250,000) They were down to 23,000. They were gonna keep him with us overnight and check him every two hours. It was so hard. We just focused on God and kept on praying together. Sure enough by morning they were up to 72,000 and thedoctor said he should be fine. It was horrible because they poked him so much totest his blood his feet were blue but they continued to rise. 1 month later he was normal and has been our miracle boy ever since. Makes me cry just thinking about it!! God is so patient with me and has blessed me so much. Love, Mama Heidi
  6. I am on my fourth and last!! AMEN!!!. The best thing to do is get a little potty. Strip them naked. you should have an idea of when they will poop..i put a diaper on around that time cause poop comes last! Remember the first few days will be hard. Its new. When you catch them peeing...yell. you need to almost scare them. This sounds worse than it is. You can yell..clap your hands..do the mommy noises we do....lol. Then grab them and run to the toilet.(always talk to them.."peepee goes in the potty". I keep the potty in the room i am in with them ..a lot faster that way. you can move it the following week. Once they learn to hold it you are on the next phase. They might be stubborn then and start holding it. Thats when you buy stickers and put a piece of paper on the wall. Let them play and stick the stickers on the wall..they love it. Or get lots of treats to reward them. Also read a book. My last on just fell asleep on the potty!!! He held it that long. We both are stubborn!! After a few days of this when you finally catch them and they pee..you are half way there. It takes a lot of EFFORT. You have to commit fully and stick with it. Constantly watching. Then you work on the pooping and be prepared for a mess. As far as pull-ups...dont bother..waste of money. They dont feel the difference...I REALLy recommend the whole naked thing for the first few weeks. I started as soon as all of mine were 2 and all have been potty trained by 2 in a half. My friend calls me hitler of the potty but it works. Number 4 started two weeks ago and he is naked and running to go to the potty all on his own!!! GOOD LUCK!! I hope I helped!!!! Love, MamaHeidi
  7. I just wanted to introduce myself. i am a Work at home mom. Just started my own business cause i need money. i had an opportunity to get a computer and get online. This is AWESOME. My friend has been on a diaper pin forum and has met such wonderful people. Mine are almost all done so I have been looking for a forum to join and found this one. I am a MOM to 4. Going through a divorce. It has been a very trying year for me and I could just use some nice friends. Anyways...I hope I can fit in here. I love the fact that this is for Christians. My faith has always been there but I havent always been obedient. But I am a work in progress shall we say!!!! Love, Mama Heidi

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