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    I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling, breastfeeding, AP mother of 8.


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    Park Slope, NYC, NY


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    Bible study with my family, learning new things with my children, snuggle time in the mornings before we all get up, going on fun trips together, scrapbooking, reading, writing (when I have the time), going out to lunch (alone) with my girlfriends...


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    Blessed mother of 8-what else can I say?
  1. Just wondering-no debates necessary, but wondering about spanking, who does it, and how. I RARELY spank my children, and I think that they learn from it, but I hate to do it. They're very well-behaved, and I don't want to hurt that with spanking, so I reserve it for more serious offenses...KWIM? What about you all? And any attatchment parenters out there?
  2. Welcome! I'm new too. My youngests are only 3 weeks, so no 2005 babies! Sorry!
  3. I've never heard of "anointing oil", have I missed something?
  4. Welcome! I'm a mom of 8, and thank God, I've not had to go through a painful divorce, I'm so sorry. We're here for you.
  5. Welcome! I'm new as well!
  6. Hey girls-my name is Hope (Hopie's fine too) and I'm new to this site, I've been "lurking" around for a week or so but finally decided to go ahead and join! I'm the mom of 8 beautiful kids, ranging from 12-almost 4 weeks old. Lauren's my oldest, the Jake, Charlie, Abigail, Jonah, Emma, Sophie and Asher (almost 4 weeks old). I've got my hands full right now, I homeschool my older ones, and I'm a SAHM, my husband works in the city. (We're from Park Slope, NYC area by the way). Glad to be here! I'll try to get on as much as possible, but it may be few and far between with the amount of sleep I've been getting lately, our twins just came home from the hospital last week (they were born at 32 weeks, and are just now back above birth weights-currently 5.3 and 5.9 lbs.) so we're still adjusting to that huge change, and the kids' schoolwork has been put on hold, so we'll be going into the summer a bit with that, but oh well. Such is life. God provides! It will be nice to meet you all and chat! God Bless! Hope

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