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  1. Dont feel guilty about getting out of the house and leaving your son with a trusted caregiver. You can do something as simple as go to a local coffee shop with a friend and talk for awhile. Find an older Christian woman in your church and spend some time getting wisdom from her. I crochet and do various crafts when I have the time. Sometimes I veg in front of the TV when the kids are in bed at night and relax. Dont be so hard on yourself. If you dont take time to take care of yourself, you wont be any good to your husband or your son. I had to learn that lesson the hard way. I didnt take care of myself until my doctor made me take care of me.
  2. I will get everyman's battle and let you know when I am ready to start reading it.
  3. When are we going to get the book club started and what book are we going to read first?
  4. Welcome amethyststone! What kinds of questions do you have about being a Christian mom?
  5. I will be praying for you. I had morning sickness during my pregnancy and it is no fun. I hope you start feeling better soon.
  6. I have been absent bc I have had some really tough personal events happen that I had to deal with. I plan to get actively involved on this site again. I could really use some encouragement from other Christian moms.
  7. What is Everyman's Battle about? It sounds interesting.
  8. I understand completely. I have been a member of CM for awhile and havent been on the site in months. I am going thru a similar situation with my husband and am tempted with getting a divorce and then remember what the Bible says and what God would want me to do. I ask for prayer for my marriage, myself, and my husband. The season of life we are in is difficult, and we are going to marriage counseling together. I am at a lost some days and just want to give up and runaway. I never knew that marriage could be so hard sometimes.
  9. mommy2twins

    Kids and naps

    My son and daughter are two years old. My daughter doesnt take like to take regular naps. My son takes a nap every day.
  10. I didnt have a choice about getting an epidural. I knew that I would be having a C-section since my twins were breech. I opted for the C-section because I did not want to risk anything going wrong with the delivery. I was scheduled for the C-section and had an ultrasound done in pre-op to verify the position of the babies and they were still breech. I did not have any side effects from the epidural and was pleased with how well my body tolerated it. The scariest part for me was having the needle placed in my spine, yet God worked everything out for me and I had a pleasant experience.
  11. Ok, so figure skating is dangerous. Yet, it is very graceful and wonderful to watch. Skateboarding is dangerous too, as well as many other sports. I have had several students come to school with skateboarding or BMX injuries. It's all part of the thrill of the sport.
  12. Count me in and I will get the book. I am looking forward to reading it!
  13. I buy Christmas presents throughout the year and look for things on sale. I set a limit for how much I will spend on each child and other relatives. I make gifts also. I have crocheted a baby afghan for a friend's baby shower. I pound of yarn is cheaper than most baby products.
  14. Wow! I admire you for the number in your crew! I have a hard time with the two I have. Bless you! I look forward to getting to know you!
  15. Welcome to the site! I have friends from the Atlanta area. Is Hawkinsville near Atlanta?

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