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  1. My daughter is doing a little better with her language. I did have to wash her mouth out with soap a few times and it really worked. We had a long conversation about her language and she agreed that she would watch her tongue. I explained that using bad language does not make you look cool and it not a christian thing to do. I will keep soap in the mouth as a punishment for bad language, but I hope that I do not have to use the soap anymore. Overall, things are better. Thanks
  2. Thanks for all the advice. I had a heart to heart with my daughter and explained that this language will have to stop. She seemed to understand that this does not make her look good. I also explained that the back talk needs to stop immediately. I told her that if i heard anymore foul language or back talk, that I would wash her mouth out with soap. She knows i mean business, her cousins get soap for doing the same. I hope i do not have to use the soap, but I will sure do it if she does not shape up.
  3. my daughter is 14 and picked up this language at school. We have never had this problem before and I want to clean up her language.
  4. My daughter's language has just recently gotten out of control. I need your advice, a few of my friends recommend washing her mouth out with soap. Is this effective? What is the best way to do it?

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