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  1. Heavenly Family Good question!! I have often thought about it. As a child I always imagined there we would all be with Mum and Dad and my sisters, but now that I am married and have children that could not be the case. I did ask an older lady once who said that we would know everyone, and we would know that people were closer to us in life. Our husbands well we'd know that they were special to us but we would not have that relationship with them then. But as to the finer details, well we'll just have to wait and see!! Elis
  2. Good question!! I have the opposite problem mine love to go and cry when they can't because it wil be too late a night etc. They are 7 and 3. The main reason they want to go is to see their friends, I know that is not the reason you wuld want them to use but still they are under the sound of Gods Word. They both love to sing so at least they do get something from it all. I was thinking - Do they have friends there? If not, try and find them some. And PRAY that they will develope an interest. Sorry I cant be of more help. Elis
  3. Hello there. No, I dont have a child with Downs Syndrome, but I just wanted to say ' I think your great!' for looking after him and teaching him at home. Our ex-neighbour had a Downs boy and I know a little of what a handfull they can be - I used to keep an eye on him for his mum at times! They give a lot of love don't they! Keep up the good work I think you've done a wonderfull thing. Do you have any other children? Elis.
  4. Dont we just love out labour stories!! I quite enjoyed giving birth to my 2 children - but yes I only have two!! I managed without any pain relief at all. I wanted to do that if I could but thought I'd wait and see how things went. I was abut to ask for something with my second but the moment I got up on the bed I was ready to push so it was to late anyway. I had been induced (waters broken) and had about 45 mins or so of 'full on' labour with out a break. My first child arrived 7 hours after my first pain. So looking back I must have had it prety easy. To all the soon to be mums out there - dont worry the result is well worth it!! I would say dont have hard and fast ideas about what you'll do or not do, at the end of the day all that matters is that you and the baby are well. And there are no prizes for doing it all yourself and there is no shame in using pain killers or the like. Enjoy it!! Elis
  5. Elis


    AMEN SISTER!! Well this is an interesting topic isnt it? Where do I start? I dont have earrings and I dislike to see small children with them - studs or hoops. I think we are taking away the right for them to choose whether to have them or not. We live in a time where we are all for the right of the child and we defend them with our lives and rightly so, but is this issue so very different? I do believe from a bible standpoint that we shouldn't have them and agree with what Wonka said. I was told when I asked my mum why I didn't have my ears 'done' -" If God wanted you to have holes in your ears He would have given you them!" That was enough for me at the time but I thhink my girl will be different and thank you Wonka for giving us some passages to read. And again Amen Sister!! (Well thats 2 you've got now!) Elis.
  6. Thanks for your info. Wonka. I guess Australia is further behind than I thought! Elis.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your wee boy Abigail. I guess with every thing we do there is a risk esp. in the medical field. But I guess that is little comfort to you. what sort of difficulties do you face with him now and in the coming years? I have had my 2 children fully immunised and haven't had any problems thankfully. There has been a lot of debate on th issue here in Australia and I know some of my friends do not have their children immunised. I think we do have to look at the big picture as the likes of Polio are almost unheard of nowadays, and many of us have forgotten the heart ache it caused to many. We are now being offered a Meningococcal C Vaccine for infants with older children being dome through a schools program. Has anyone heard much about that one? As far as I know it is quite new and as I have to decide whether or not to get it for the children I wuld like to know more about it. Have a good day everyone Elis.
  8. Going Maaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Well one thing I can say to you is your not alone!! Some Mums admit that they feel the way you (and I) do, some don't. I think that is the only difference. I too feel that it would be far easier to go out to work that stay home and fight with the children. I have a 6 1/2 year old girl and a boy of 2 both of which are basicaly good kids but they do have there moments, normally when they are together after school finishes. So don't you feel bad about how you feel you've got much more to deal with than me!! I do think Wonka is right go out for a bit even if it's just a walk for 10 mins up the road, it gets some fresh air around you and clears your head. Elis. Oh and by the way I shut the house up when the kids are screaming so as I don't get reported!!
  9. Welcome! Hi good to see Christian Mon is reaching down under! I'm a Scot married to an Aussie (who was born in NZ) and we live in Queensland. I also have a friend who lives in NZ who is also a Scot. It's a small world really is it not? Glad you came to join us it's a good site. Elis
  10. Talking! Don't worry and try not to compare your child to other children, someone will ALWAYS have a better, taller, faster, thinner, fatter child! I have a boy who is about 25 months and he talks all the time in his own words - no one can understand him, but he is very sure of what he is saying. He can say some words very clearly but has not go a huge vocab. Whereas a friends son is about 22 months and says a LOT of words very clearly but does not chatter like mine does. So I think they are all different and will do things at their own pace. And I'd say enjoy the quite while you can! Elis
  11. Birthday Parties! I'm not a great one for birthday parties. I'd say keep it simple, we tend to go to the park and let the kids play together and have a few wee games for them. My last one was a family (well DH half) BBQ and it cost the earth and I thought I'd kept it simple till I got to the check out!! Did you know my family didnt even come! But come to think of it I don't think I bothered to ask them!! So your one up on me "Wonka 2"! Have a great day when all your parties come around, and don't forget the headache tablets - you'll need them!! Elis
  12. Yes I think there are many terms used today which began in the Bible. What about I'm just "kidding on" this stems from when Jacob deceived Issac in Genesis 44. The term being a "Scape Goat" is another, and you often hear people talk of the "Pearly Gates" etc. It is also interesting to think that when people are in danger they all cry to God for help even when they are not believers in God at all. Elis.
  13. Thanks for your repy - very interesting. In reading the verses above I would feel that the practise of putting up a tree is a 'heathen' one and that it is the 'heathens' themsleves that neither do good nor evil and of them we should not be afraid. But I'll have a bit more of a look at it later. Keep your thoughts coming. Elis.
  14. Seasons Greetings to you all! Christmas is almost here and everyone is busy with trees, toys, turkey etc. but what I would like to know is - what is the origin of the Christmas tree? I know the presents are placed under it and it looks very nice but why do it at all? We don't put one up, my husband and myself never had one growing up but enjoyed all the other parts of Christmas. My 6 year old is now asking why we don't have one and to answer the question I think I need to know why everyone else does. Please give your reasons for and against, I'm sure it would be very interesting. Elis.
  15. "WEE BABY" Congratulations on the birth of another wee niece! I hope that they both continue to gain strength - because they are going to need it arent they! Elisx

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