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  1. This has been one awesome thread. Expectations,disappointments, sharing the highs and lows. I too have had the disappointments and then the really wondrous Mothers Days. Now though I worry about it two times a year. I am English and Mothering Sunday over there is is March. So will my eldest who is there remember me over here and of course we have Mothers day in May here so will my youngest bother to remember it as it was in March.......confused? I am. I have spent too many years beating myself up over the concern will I be remembered. And it is all down to advertising. When did it change and rather than some wild flowers picked from the garden we should expect diamonds? I am sure non of us here expect diamonds but you get the idea....... Lets this year jsut agree to enjoy the day. We will praise the Lord for our children and thank him for allowing us to be Mothers. With that said I know the Lord will want us to pamper ourselves a bit. Even if its jsut an extra long bubbly bath. Mothers unite we are awsome and blessed
  2. The one thing I do know is that when I eventually meet my maker he is NOT going to ask me what denomination I belong to. He will want to know what my relationship is with HIS Son. This is a very deep and can be confusing subject. It shouldn't be but with so many denominations and ideas out there it can be a minefield. Jesus is in my heart but I am aware that my behaviour can have an effect on somebody much more than a thousand words. Other times it is clear that the spoken word is called for. But if I can debate somebody into believing on Jesus somebody will just as easily be able to debate them away from that. I am glad that I do have a one on one relationship with Jesus as sometimes being a Christian can be lonely. Shouldn't be but thats the reality. The one thing we can all be sure off is that Jesus is there for each of us...no matter where we are spiritually.
  3. For me its simple. If you believe that Jesus is the son of God, walked this earth and died for you then you have the basics. What you do in your life from here on in is between you and Father. Hopefully good things will come out of your life but I have to tell you I was involved in a Bible study and there was a 70 yr old man who serves on as many Church committees as poss who suddenly looked really old and puzzled and said " I ahve gone to Church as Long as I can remember and made my children attend and they still do but I have no idea what is meant by having a relationship with God". He is so puzzled by the fact that attending Chruch and doing all the right things is as 'dirty rags'. I am so sad for him because he really is puzzzled and confused. He does not understand that if he was the only person here Jesus would have made the sacrifice. But FATHER knows and that is between the two of them and Father is greater than all. I am confident that they will sort it out.
  4. That is wonderful. I am re-married now but remember the days of being a single Mom. There were many times I felt so alone in Church simply because I was on my own especially when my girls where at Childrens Church. God Bless you
  5. I am so happy for you. Have a great time and tell us all about it when you return.
  6. My heart goes out to you kim. All I am going to say is don't beat yourself up. Father knows and will never let you go. Take time Blessings
  7. Just putting in writing the happenings in my life over the past few weeks But it has lead to some serious streamlining and with that comes 'stuff' that is no longer required and is taking up valuable space. Just asking if any one needs any scrubs or toys. But since yesterday the toys have gone and I can hand that money over to the CAR missionary work. The Lord has impressed upon me the need to make money for the Kingdom and that has really made me re-evaluate things. It has also made me realise that I need to spend more time studying and in prayer. Whilst in the Uk I completed a year of Christian Acadamy and have now been accepted back as a long distance learner. This is not the norm so I have been really blessed that the leadership are allowing this. There have been so many other things happening, things that in the norm I wouldn't be getting involved with but the lord seems to be putting these things in front of me and some are taking a real step of Faith simply because I have to step out of my comfort zone. I hope these last ramblings have made things a wee bit clearer. Blessings to all
  8. Have added you both to my prayer chain list. God Bless
  9. Hi everyone I have been a bit quiet of late as I have been experiencing some changes. I have had to re-evaluate what I do in life. Streamline so to speak. So have had to spend much time in prayer and the Bible. Godly change is great but every time we move on we have to leave something behind and its important to really understand that. I am not good with change so it always takes me longer to accept and to take on what is before me. Father knows me and understands. I am not sure where we are leading but I won't find out unless I am obedient. After all Noah built an Ark and where was the rain? So I no longer require the scrubs that I have here size small, various colors. And I have various Discovery Toys that I am selling off at half price I tithe this money to the Central African Republic. A very dear friend of mine Dr. Richard Herring took a step of faith and visited there as a missionary last year and as I expected came back a changed man. I am a firm believer in tithing and my first tithe goes to my home Church, I now work hard to generate as much money as I can to support all the other ministries that Father lays on my heart. If I am to do this then I have to immerse myself in Him and hear and focus and be obedient. So if anyone requires extra hardly used size small scrubs or want to know what Discovery Toys I am selling let me know karenreams@msn.com And please keep me in your prayers.
  10. I have a my space page which my eldest daughter set up for me. Personally I find it difficult to sort out (I am not a technical type of person.....) so do not bother with it much. BUT just before Chrsitmas I discovered a young girl advertising herself as a single 20 year old and stating that she was from our small town. That girl is in fact 12 years old...... I worry about these things and it seems as much as we educate our young folk they are still bent on playing with fire.
  11. You are right...We all rock and why? because we are all sisters in Christ and are all so thankful that he has never dumped us when we have wavered. JESUS LIVES
  12. The trouble is when a person grows in Christ they change. For family and friends it can be difficult to see that change as they want to keep the 'old' you. Sometimes it is necessary to cut off from certain friends as they will try and block your growth. The change people see in you can also challenge them and I ahve noticed that when God starts working on a persons life that person can become really unreasonable and sometimes to the point of unbearable. I am talking through experience (hubby) All I could do was to thank God that he was working on him and ask for strength to cope with it and not to get upset or annoyed. It meant i felt i was backing down on many things(which normally I would have had plenty to say about) and you know as time went by things took a wonderful turn. Hang on in there. Don't blame yourself or others. God is at work. Many Blessings for this Easter.
  13. I have put your Mom in law on my prayer list. Keep us informed God Bless
  14. Yes, take on board what abc wrote and then pray and hand it over to Father. Over the years I too have had problems with Churches. One in particular and I left. Many years on and being somewhat wiser I realised that a large part of my problem was me. Since that time I have made my peace with the people that I took offense to (that included the senior pastor) and even though I now live in a different country I now still feel embraced by that Church.

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