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  1. Wow thanks Laurie and Reds Angel thank you. I talked with hubby and we actually decided to post pone the surgery for a little while and try the chiropractor again, we took him there last year and that did help, this reduced my sons ear problems tremendously, so this winter he had only a couple minor ear aches compared to last year he had like 12 or so really bad ear aches. Had I continued with taking him to the chiroprator maybe he would have had no earaches and cleared up the whole problem, but I stopped because I wasn't sure at the time if it was helping enough, but now I see it did. I am feeling to give this another try and see how it goes. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, my son is needing to have tubes put in his ears, and I would love it if my son could have some prayer for a sucessful surgery and a great recovery. Please pray for my son. (how I feel about his surgery is I wish he didn't have to get this surgery done and it would all go away on it own, but because of hearing loss he should have it done. I am feeling anxiety over my son having a general anesthetic done, he has had to go through an anesthetic before and that went well but my thoughts wander to much about this procedure and it bothers me) He is getting the surgery next Thursday.
  3. Hi Kim, That is so neat that we both returned here around the same time. Thank you abc for your prayers that is so sweet of you. Thank you.
  4. Hi there, remember me, I thought I would stop in for a visit, I see many people here from when I was here last about 2 years ago. Well since I have been here last I had another baby and now I have 4 children and this last january my hubby and I made the decision to homeschool, and I am loving it! Well its nice to see everybody again, Happy Easter!
  5. Hi Kim, You know it is strange, we had all thought this was her time, even she thought that. But she actually seems to be getting better. They are moving her to a place for a few days where they are going to try and get her to be able to walk more and stenghthen up her one side which is weak. Then they are hoping to send her back home. I am so suprised with what has happened for her. Praise the Lord! Thanks for you prayers Kim! Merry Christmas!
  6. Hi, I wanted to share about my Grandma that she, just last week became quite ill suddenly and unexpectly, she is know in the hospital and likely will not be leaving unless it is to a nursing home. Maybe this is "God banging on her door loudly" so she will let Christ into her life. Please pray for her to recieve Christ as her lord and Saviour and to be aware of her sins. Thanks Dear Jesus Please continue to to bang on my Grandmas door loudly, only you know how much time she has left. Help her to understand that she needs Christ as her lord and Saviour and she is not good enough to go to Heaven without him because she is full of sin. She needs to see things your way and not in her own ways. Please soften her heart, lower her pride and humble her to you Jesus. Please convict her of these things stongly so she will not feel peace till she accepts you in her life. In Jesus name I pray Amen.
  7. I can relate with you Kim. It is so nice how easy it is to entertain our kids with simple things like cleaning, cleaning is playtime with Mommy and they have so much fun and feel so important too. I remember doing this with my Mom when I was little and that is how it made me feel. For Christmas I got my daughter who is 5 years and easy bake oven, she will be so excited to have her OWN oven to make real food and share with her family, she will be so proud of herself. I found lots of easy bake reciepes on the internet so we don't have to spend load of money on mixes. She will need help with her easy bake oven, so this will be a nice way to spend lots of time together since she enjoys baking together.
  8. HI all, I don't think anyone saw my last post here, so I thought I would bring it to the surface again:) I was reading the story about the farmer sowing seeds in Matthew 13 vs 2-9, I realated my Grandma to the first person " A farmer was sowing grain in his fields. As he scattered the seed across the ground, some fell beside a path, and the birds came and ate it." Jesus's description of this person is this Matthew 13 vs 19 " The hard path where some of the seeds fell represents the heart of a person who hears the Good News about the Kingdom and doesn't understand it; then Satan comes and snatches away the seeds from his heart." Please pray for my Grandma. Dear Jesus, Please soften the heart of my Grandma and open her eyes to see things your way and not in her own ways, bang on her door loudly, for she is old and doesn't have a whole lot of time left in her life of excepting you as her lord and Saviour. Please convict her soul, and lower her self pride so she will be humble to you. I also pray she will receive many prayers because many prayers are stonger than one. In Jesus name I pray amen.
  9. I see lots so I'll start with one so everyone else gets a chance test
  10. Well I'll try my best to answer the questions. Title: Spiritual Warfare Description: Allowing ourselves to believe the lies in our life will take us over and become a stronghold in us. So we must allow Jesus to take lead of our lives. How did it touch me? : This is a big problem I have, believing lies about myself and thinking I am not good enough in many ways. How can I apply it to my life?: Stay close to Jesus and know and believe what he says about me, catch the lie before it developes into something big and pray about it. Our pastor said when we get rid of the lies in our lives Jesus will show the truth and make those weakest part of our lives that were once a lie and make it the strongest parts of who we are.
  11. sombody I know told me, who used to work in cleaning ducting, told me part of the reason a house can get so dusty is that the ducting needs cleaning. If the ducting is very dusty it is blowing, and circulating the dust around in the house.
  12. Hi again, this week I am asking for prayer for my Grandma. Her health is really bad, she is at home currently but maybe soon she will have to go to a nursing home. She is 93 years old. And as far as I believe she is not a Christian. She is the type of person who believes there is a God in heaven and that is as far as she goes with that. I spoke to her once about God and that you need to pray for salvation and for Jesus to forgive your sins and to come into your heart, she wasn't willing to do that at the time. She doesn't believe God really sends anyone to hell, only those who murder or steal. She has developed her own understanding and beliefs and now that she is so old she is stuck in her ways and doesn't want to change. She only has a very short amout of time left to make a change. I ask for prayer that God reveal to her the truth, and soften her heart and open her eyes to the lord, and see things Gods way and not in her own ways, and that before the day comes when it is her turn to pass on she will except Jesus into her heart. I had a dream the other day she died and she was not a christian, and I thought about where she went, this felt very strange to me in the dream. thank you all! Blessings to you all!
  13. amber1


    Just wondering, how many of you ladies have been babtised? And if you like tell about your experience. I haven't been yet, but one day I would like to when I feel God calls me to.

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