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    Hey there sisters! My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years and have two boys, 11 and 13 (soon to be 14). God called our oldest son to start a ministry in his public school. The ministry is called S.W.A.T. www.swatbibleclub.com


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    Homemaker, Secretary for SWAT, Arbonne Independent Consultant
  1. I'm with you abc sista! Heavenlblessed, check out my post on JHoward's thread regarding her two and a half year old's behavior. We spanked and still spank our two boys, who by the way, thank us every time we do. Read the other post and I explain how we spank, why we spank and how controlled, calm and loving it is so your child receives it as it should be....loving (not desperate or frustrated) discipline, just like God gives us (Hebrews 12:8-12). We remind our kids that if we didn't care anything about them, we wouldn't take the time to discipline them, we'd just let them do any 'ol thing they wanted. That's why till this day, they thank us, hug us and kiss us after a spanking. Again, read my other post for more info.
  2. Precious sister Laurie, you should definitely spank her. But never spank when you're frustrated or angry. Do it when you're calm and always warn her first. We would give one swat for each age (so 2 little swats for her). We also would sit down with our kids, show them the Bible (of course they can't read at this age) but would lovingly, calmly and firmly explain to them what God says about behaviors like (being bossy, selfish, hurtful to others, disobedient, etc.). Then we would explain to our kids how the Bible says that parents who don't spank their kids, hate them (Proverbs 13:24, "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.") Then we would tell our kids we love them, so we're going to spank them. We would have them lie down on their bed (so's not to get any other part of their body spanked, only their bottom), get a belt (got this info from a Pediatrician who said a belt was the best thing to use for a spanking b/c it delivers the sting w/o damage b/c it is flexible and molds to your childs bottom). Spoons are too hard and could injure your child, and your hand has bones in it and could also injure your child. The belt gives them the sting w/o injury. I usually hold the buckle and some of the belt in my hand so they only get swatted with the looped part of the belt. Our boys are 11 and 13 and till this day, they thank me after a spanking for loving them enough to correct them. Then they apologize for making me stop what I was doing to have to discipline them. We hug and kiss, I remind them how much I love them and it's over. But remember, tell her this new rule BEFORE you implement it. She's old enough to understand, we did it with our kids when they were her age.
  3. Hey Kim, I get emails when I receive PM's. You can choose that on your preferences. Do you want to go visit in the Chat room now? I was just there and there were 3 others on, but no one talking. I'll go there now and see if you're there.
  4. Hey Dawn! Really wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Definitely talk about how awesome God is! The chat is on this website and yes, it's like instant messaging. I can't do it at those times every a.m. and definitely not tomorrow since it's the day Michael teaches at his SWAT Team Bible club at 7:45 a.m. - 8:15 a.m. Then I go to church to volunteer in the student choir ministry for a few hours straight from Michael's club meeting. By the way, how are you doing today?
  5. Oh, thank you so much Dawn! Please let me know if anyone on your email list would like to be included on my email updates on the club. You can PM and I'll give you my private email address.
  6. By the way, whether or not we homeschool, private school or public school our children, the decision shouldn't be based on our opinions, preferences of fears, but what God desires for them. We are all called to one purpose, to preach Christ, by word or deed. And only God knows where He made our kids to thrive. Let us grow where God plants us.
  7. We don't homeschool our two boys (11 and 13) b/c God has called both of them to the public school ministry. My oldest son, Michael officially started a club in his school called S.W.A.T. Team Bible Club. S.W.A.T. stands for Students Witnessing Absolute Truth. The name is two-fold, it means Christian students are witnessing the saving message of God's Word through Christ daily in their lives as they die to themselves and live in Christ and it also means Christian students are witnessing to the lost students in their school so they may come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Please visit http://www.swatbibleclub.com This is what's on Michael's ministry card "If you meet me and forget me, you've lost nothing. If you Jesus Christ and forget Him, you've lost everything." Also, my youngest son, 11 is in the club and is one of the ten student officers of the club. It's the largest club in his school and we've got a school in MO and MS asking to open a chapter of SWAT in their school. Michael's prayer is that SWAT will be in every public school all over the world to reach the lost for Christ. What a large mission field God has given our two boys! God is AWESOME!
  8. S.W.A.T. Team Bible Club - teen public school ministry! Would ya'll please pray for my son, his team of officers (10 other students, which includes my youngest son, 11 years old)? S.W.A.T. stands for Students Witnessing Absolute Truth, based on John 16:33. Last year in November, just after my oldest turned 13, God told my oldest son, Michael to start Bible Study club in his public middle school. He did, and teaches it every Friday morning 1 hour before school starts. Although the school district fought us, we won, b/c this club was totally student initiated and led, so it's illegal for them to try to stop him. But the lawsuit (though a headache it was), what man means for evil, God means for good. The lawsuit gave us more rights than we had before. Now, not only can they meet on school campus, but they have the right to announce their club on the PA system, hang posters, put posters on the bulletin boards, have it on the school website, in the school newsletter, have a school bank account, hand out flyers, included in the school yearbook, etc.! Through prayer, God gives Michael a lesson to teach each week. By the Holy Spirit's leading, Michael has written a curriculum which includes a leader's guide (with discussion questions and answers), activities to apply the lesson, and a student handout for the students to fill out at the club meetings and/or study at home on their own. Please visit http://www.swatbibleclub.com to see some things he's doing. The website is still under construction, but you can see some of what's going on. Also, SWAT will be sponsoring "See You at the Pole" this year at Michael's middle school so please be praying for that. This ministry has grown much larger than we anticipated, and ended last year with 44 members, the largest club in the entire school! This year, just at our second meeting we have 37 kids show up to a class that only fits 30 - 32 students. Needless to say, it was standing room only! Praise God! We need daily fervent prayers from the saints as well as monetary donations for daily runnings of the club and special events like "See You at the Pole". We are in the process of fililng for non-profit so anyone who donates will be able to get a tax deduction. Thank you in advance for your prayers as well as your donations!
  9. I was wondering if anyone wanted to set up a time for us to chat live? It seems that only one person is on at a time and we're missing each other. I'm pretty busy for the rest of the week, but would love to have some time with you! Please let me know if you'll be available b/t 8:30 am. and 9:00 a.m. Central time.
  10. Hello there, did you get my PM just a minute ago?
  11. Hey sister Laurie! Got ya girl! We're on the same page! I must admit, I get a bit fiesty at times when it comes to living God's word. But it seems lots of ladies on this forum do the same and I think it's really great! We may not always be "right", but our hearts and motives are to make Christ supreme in our lives and to please Him in everything! I think that's truly a huge blessing! Thanks for the clarification sister! We're certainly in one accord! AMEN!
  12. Hey Texas Momof1, I'm in Plano, TX! I'm a bit old though, but would love to chat if you'd like to PM me! My boys are 11 and 13. I teach a Bible Study on Sunday nights, maybe you can come!
  13. Hey there sister Pam, just wanted to echo my other sisters on this forum that have counseled you to pray and seek God's face and wisdom before all else. And our sisters Kim and mommy2twins are correct, it is Biblical for a woman to work as a matter of fact, it is against God's Word for a woman not to work. As Kim noted, please refer to Proverbs 31:10-31. Not only did she take care of her family, her servants, but she also worked as a saleswoman (Proverbs 31:16-18, 24). I'll definitely be praying for God to guide you as He has me. My darlilng husband and I prayed for months on how He would help us financially support our 13 year old son's public school ministry (you can check out his website it's http://www.swatbibleclub.com). Like you, I was stuck b/t a rock and a hard place. Thankfully, both the Rock and Hard Place is Christ Himself! I needed to help finance my son's ministry, but had to stay at home to be his full time secretary, so I couldn't take a "regular" 9-5 job. God blessed me with Arbonne and it's not only provided financially for our son's ministry, but also gave us something we didn't expect or ask for (isn't that just like our generous Father to do more than we can even imagine?). God gave me the opportunity to get to know Him better by taking me back to the Garden of Eden (as all Arbonne's products are botonically based). I've been in awe of all the plants, herbs, fruits, vegies, etc. God made to keep us healthy inside and out! All my family and friends are constantly thanking me for sharing this gift with them as well! So, like I said, turned out to be much more than I expected...it's a win-win, blessing-blessing situation. If you want more info, you can PM me. I'll certainly be praying for you sis!
  14. AMEN to that sister JHoward! God bless you for your counsel from Scripture! You are a faithful one!
  15. Hey sweet sister, be careful to submit before you start telling him how his life is going to change. Remember the Scripture from 1 Peter 3. Let God take care of cleaning out your house, just love your husband with the love of Christ and let him be won over, not by words, but by your gentle and quiet spirit that is so beautiful to God.

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