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  1. I have taken your advice about doing one project one day and another one on another day and it has been working out great . Little by little I see things getting done. What happens is when I have had to go and counsil someone and I was gone all day it puts everything behind and it seems like forever to get caught back up . I have to catch myself and say Lord help me to get back on track and I start right back up .
  2. I have strugled with weight loss for a long time after having four kids and two surgeries. The one thing I know is my Lord Jesus Christ is faithful and he gives me hope . That he can change me and strengthen me. He says in Luke he came to heal the broken hearted and my heart was breaking , but I know he has heard my prayers and I know he hears all yours . It is not an easy walk but like our Lord says when we are weak he is strong. He has changed my eating habits and I now work out three times a week. Don't give up . Just keep praying and ask God to help you and he will . We need to pray for one another we are in a battle a fight we cannot win without Christ.
  3. wwje I read a book called "What would Jesus eat " It was a very interesting book . With the Lord's help I lost 50 pounds Praise God. The book taught me how to shop for healthy foods and in the back gave some delicous recipes. It is a must read.
  4. curves I love working out at curves . THis was my first week and I had a blast . I am in Texas. I finally recieved my first curve dollars. How long have you been working out at curves?

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