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  1. I have gathered information for moms on working at home: http://www.breastmilkbaby.com/workathome.htm this site includes how to build a web page and mystery shopping. Also one recently that I have found out is if you live near a 24 hour fitness, (most are Christian based fitness centers) they offer free childcare for Group X instructors. They pay really well too, over $20 an hour and you can make your own schedule with as little as 1 hour a week or as much as 20 hours. I am going to train around December to do it in my area.
  2. Hello! I am a sahm in Dallas Texas! I have two boys, Landon (3) and Logan (7 months). I was asking my dh what he thought about starting my own Christian moms forum and he said, Why don't you just join one? I am sure there are some already! And here is chritian mom! I am a webmaster for fun and have made and also run the a breastfeeding website http://www.breastmilkbaby.com. I am in a local MOPS group, but am glad to have online support as well!
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    I just joined a local MOPS group near Dallas. It is so awesome! I am wondering what took me so long to find this great group!!!

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