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  1. you even asking this questions makes me think you dont completely trust him that you question what might happen. If you trust him then it should be fine but I agree it depends on the woman
  2. I don't advocate divorce. she may not be in any physical danger but what about emotional and mental abuse. What he is doing is mentally and emotionaly abusive to you. It is triggering to you and bringing up all sorts of feelings of previous things. It wears at your self esteem and confindence. He can sign all the contracts not ot do it again that he wants but unless he truly realizes he has a problems and gets help those signed contracts mean nothing. I'm not trying to promote divorce here. It's not about being a proverbs wife it's about standing up for your self and kids. It isn't your responsibility to make sure he gets help. If you seek out counseling do it for you you can't change him only he can change himself. Yes you can pray for him but until he realizes it's a serious issue with you it doesn't matter. He isnt respecting you or your kids or family. As for not realizing they were 17 they could be believable. what message are you sending to your daughter when you stand behind a man that disrespects and lust over young women or any other women for that matter. I realize I am taking the other side of the other opinions but be real here. Until HE realizes HE needs help and then seeks it out it will continue.
  3. I am sorry your are going through this. Based on what you have said it would be a deal breaker for me. I couldn't handle that esp having a 15 yr old daughter. My daughter is almost 16 and yea I would throw him out of the house
  4. so sorry to hear about your loss. He has good reason to be angry with, hate, not believe in God. I know over the years my views on God have changed I still believe in him but question a lot of things. I imagine it's hard for you you'll just have ot let him be for now more than likely. He is grieving and it's way of handling it. I would imagine the more you bring it up the angerier he gets. Hang in there and handle your grief and heal the way that you need too, give him space
  5. I'm sorry for your loss Here's my opinion, you know I'm rarely if ever a scripture quoter and believe that people will interpert scripture to benefit their opinions and ideas a times. I try not to think about who deserves to heaven or hell. I haven't lived their life and since it is since a mystery will we ever truly know. Until we ourselves die we can't possibly know the answers to these questions. I think if you are a good person and don't harm others and you live a good productive, loving life and are faithful, kind and considerate then chances are you'll go to heaven. A lot of people like to throw the scriptures of which behaviors one chooses gets them into the pearly gates. If you look at scripture base you pretty much have ot be a sinless saint to get. But look at the beautitudes and perhaps that will give you some piece of mind. I'm sure your hurting right now and find comfort in the person he was and the good he did instead of racking your brain on whether or not he is in heaven or not. (((((hugs))))
  6. there def is something else going on. I would take the toys away or give him a stack of paper and tell him if he wants to break something he may tear up the paper but he may not break toys. I'm am so not an advocate of spanking and i am 100% againist it under any circumstance. Maybe he wants to spend more time with you, maybe something is going on at school or maybe he is having a hard time with peers.
  7. my first question is how do her parents feel about you doing this? you need their ok on it
  8. yes I do, I'm somewhat addicted. PPl post stupid things sometimes I ignore it or delete it. I'm pretty computer savy. You can control who sees what on it
  9. that's good it was wrong of the counselor to call the problem little. They are lucky your not bring charges up againist them and the boy
  10. kudos for your daughter for doing that yea schools stink probably cuz she's the one that physically touched him. But you should be proud of her and I know you are
  11. if you move around every few months or so than I would probably home school as well. I would have said something to the boys, like hey gentlemen if your going ot swear please do it over there as we have little ears on the playground

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