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    Hi! My name is Joanna, I am a mother of one beautiful little girl. My husband is a youth and childrens director, so I feel like we have a lot more soemtimes! I'm sure it will be a blessing to be able to share with other moms!


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    Music, playing with my girl, movies with my hubby


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    I work in Student Financial Services for a University and work as a VeggieTales Mom independent consultant!
  1. I'm sorry you are in this place right now... maybe fancy words won't help so just know I am praying for you. Joanna
  2. Fun, fun, fun! Don't forget to place your order in the next 10 days to have a chance to get free host prizes! Have friends that love Veggie Tales too?! Well it is so fun (and totally free) to have your own eShow! Veggie Tales is such a positive influence for our children! God Bless, Joanna
  3. Yes, we are Methodist, but it was great because there were many denominations represented on our walk. You really don't want to tell much just so that it doesn't ruin your personal experience... they say don't anticipate just participate. Really it is just a God inspiring weekend. The best thing that I took away from it was the friendships you make with other women. There is really nothing you can do to prepare, other than pray that God will allow you to receive the fullest from it. I know for me the hardes part was being away from my daughter who just turned one. Satan was really trying to make me put her before time with God. It was really hard but worth it... there are no phones or clocks... that part was hard too!!! Good luck and I encourage if you are thinking about the walk just be aware of the ways that Satan is going to try and talk you out of it! God Bless, Joanna
  4. Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great holiday! I love Veggie Tales... I am having a mystery host Veggie Tales eShow! It is a great way to get all the coolest veggie tales gear... including thank you notes for all those Christmas gifts! The neat thing is that the host could be you, that means you could get great Veggie Tales stuff for free! All you have to do is make a purchase and you will automatically have the chance to be the host and rack up great prizes! Check out http://www.vtmoms.com/joannaherndon Remember, you can always host your own eShow too! God bless, Joanna
  5. We listen to Spirit FM... I would say try it on line at http://www.spiritfm905.com maybe it will give some ideas. You can listen live and then you can click and it will give you the artist and song title. I love listening to it online during the day. This station has a great variety of Christian music.
  6. My husband worked at LifeWay for a while and when we found out we were having a baby he read "Faith Based Parenting" and loved it. I started it (not a big reader) and it was very encouraging. I think it is just a learning experience! God bless
  7. Ohh, I thought Ruth was a good one! I would have to say a friend that I met when she was working with our youth years back. B is such a great person. I was still a teen when I met her but she was so encouraging and truly a Godly woman. She spent the last few years doing serious mission work in Asia. I always admired her willingness to follow where ever God led. I would love to spend a day with her and listen to all her stories and hear of all the ways God provided while she was in Asia. She has been such an inspiration to me and my husband as God leads us in the ministry.
  8. I really wondered how all that "home business" stuff worked... I know I work Veggie Tales Moms, mainly because it's fun and my family loves Veggie Tales! I don't have to buy a thing! But I totally appreciate your honesty and openness about what you went through. I find it very interesting.
  9. worries for my little girls I know what you mean about worrying for the future of your children. My little girl is 1 and I am heartbroken about the world she has to grow up in. I am thankful though for moms like you who will bring up their boys as Godly men. I pray eveyday that God will prepare a Christian man for my daughter when she is ready to be married (of course a long time away , but I know there is so much out there and even a lot of younger Christians don't see a problem with sex outside of marriage(my husband is a youth pastor and we have younger friends who are so open about their "experiences" that it breaks my heart too. This is definately something I lift up in prayer.
  10. Middle School Sweethearts This is a cute thread... thanks for starting it! My husband and I started dating in the 8th grade... we had a little split the summer of our Freshman year, but God had a plan and we were able to get back together! In our senior year we knew that we didn't want to start our live outside of high school with out getting married, we knew college could be crazy for some people but we wanted God to direct us and we felt marriage was part of God's plan... even though others thought we were crazy!!! We got engaged our senior year and were married a few months after graduation, we have now been married for 2 1/2 years have a beautiful little girl. It was so great the plan God has and is still working out in our lives. I prayed at at a very young age that God would provide a Godly partner for me and that it would be someone who I would grow up with and share highschool experiences with... God provided and I am so thankful that I get to share in my husband's call as a youth pastor! Can't wait to hear from the rest of you ladies!
  11. I would seriously, and prayerfully consider it. You never know what opportunities God has in store and the ways he might bless your through it. I understand how busy things can be... my little girl is 14 months (I went back to work when she was 8 months... an opportunity I never though God would lay in front of me, but that's another story) and my husband is a youth director so our schedule is always full! I am always being volunteered for stuff in the church. I try to make an effort to pray about each decison before jumping into it. I'm not trying to convince you into doing, but just to seek what God would have you do... and God might be saying now is not the time. Also, if I did help her I would want to know how serious her desire was and if she was going to follow through. I'm sure God will lead you in the right direction!
  12. Thanks your for your concern ladies! My little girl ended up being sick all weekend and wasn't able to see Grandmommy and Granddaddy. She was running fevers from all Thanksgiving holiday. So we were unable to check. We took her back to the Dr. and her ears had gotten worse! The antibiotic did not work!!!! So the Dr. gave her a stronger one. She did get rid of the fevers and we ended up trying nighttime diapers which seem to be helping. Thanks for your prayers and concern. It was a little frustrating over the holiday to have a sick little girl. I will see how it goes for her 15month check up.
  13. joanna


    I stayed home with my little girl for 8 months and I was feeling very similar. I felt very guilty about it. My husband and I prayed and God opened some really great doors... one's I never would have considered... going back to work! I was dead set against it and prayed... God I know this can't be the best thing for Rae, I coudln't bare the thought of her being with someone else during the day... I had worked at daycares in highschool and said I'd never do it! But God wouldn't let it go and I finally said, ok, I will try it. I can't begin to describe the blessings God has showered on us from this obediance. It was the heardes thing I had to give up to God, but God has given me such a piece and I am thankful that he is in control of my heart and put those desires there for a reason! God Bless! Joanna
  14. Check up Thank you very much for your comments. I did call her doctor and she suggested that we do bring her in. They asked us what was up and I explained the situation. She didn't seem to worried that it was diabetes but it is still a concern. They went to do the glucose test and the reader kept reading error... so needless to say we could not get a number It was a little frustrating but I know that it is in God's hands. My mother-in-law will be down for Thanksgiving and she is going to bring her reader... like I said diabetes runs in my husbands family so we can see where her sugar levels are. The other thing I was worried about was her weight gain. I was always tall and skinny... up until I got pregnant but she is 14 months and only 20 lbs. She only gained a few ounces since her last check up two months ago! I thought she would have gained a little more by now. But thank you ladies for your comments and suggestions. Hopefully the Lord will allow us to have answers in a timely manner.
  15. Hi Ladies, My little girl is 14 months and every night she wakes up and her diaper is soaked... not just that but it goes all through her clothes and sheets. Has anyone else had this problem? A friends of mine's daughter had very similar problems and her daughhter has dibetes. It has worried me very much because diabetes does run in my husbands family. Are their any suggestions? Has anyone had similar problems? Thank you!

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