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  1. Mary, May the Lord's warm embrace comfort you. You are loved.
  2. MMMMMMMMM! I can't wait to try this out! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Celebrate Mother Goose Day by reading a nursery rhyme.
  4. You are in my thoughts and prayers.............
  5. Undoubtedly, many of us heard this exact question this past Mothers' Day: "It's no fair Mommy gets a day; why don't we get a kids' day?" And undoubtedly, many of us came back with this exact reply: "Because every day is kids' day!" I remember having that same interchange with my parents when I was a kid. Seems almost universal and timeless-kids don't think mothers and fathers should get their own day, and mothers and fathers think kids should be more grateful that every day is all about the kids. Well, both are wrong. I believe every day is Mothers' Day. And every day is kids' day. This is because every day belongs to us, and it is up to each of us to spend it as we see fit. Whenever we exclaim that "every day is kids' day," we are explaining our own frustration with parenting-it seems that we have to put our own lives on hold in order to live only for our kids' benefit. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to have one day a year where the kids take a turn living for Mom or Dad. We deserve it for all the sacrifices we make the other 364 days a year, right? Whenever I start to feel that way, I have to ask myself some serious questions. Is that what I'm doing-sacrificing my life for the sake of my kids? Is that why I'm doing this sacrificing-to have my kids finally make me feel appreciated and respected? The difficult truth to face is that all too often I love my kids for my own benefit, hoping that I'm doing what is best for them by neglecting myself, and hoping that they will respect me more than I respect myself. Every day is Mothers' Day because every day belongs to you. And your number one responsibility is to focus on yourself and take care of yourself in order to be the best mom you can be. It is your job to pamper yourself and reward yourself and most importantly, respect yourself. That is not in your kids' job description. It is their job to respect themselves, not feel goaded into appreciating you one day of the year and then take all they can from you the rest of the time. So here's an idea: before Mothers' Day gets here, you moms go out and do something for yourself without asking anyone else's permission. Do something that you love (exercise, massage, cup of coffee, nap, whatever) that makes you feel strong and confident, and tell no one else about it except God. You'll be amazed at how capable and attentive you'll be when you return to your family.
  6. Hester! You are my dear true friend. So glad you are here with me. LOVE YOU GIRL!
  7. Tonelsmom: Oh my! My heart goes out to you and your family. May your mom and you all rest in peace......... It's time like these I just don't understand the reasoning...
  8. This is just a reminder that our day never ends! Happy mother's day mama! You'll be lucky if you get that extra 10 minutes in the bathroom reading your scriptures! I feel your pain! HUGS!
  9. What am I supposed to do with this? This is an ongoing challenge. My dad is an alcoholic along with his girlfriend. She has gone to the hospital 5 times in 5 months--over $180- in bills. This is insane. I told her she should go to my church on fridays. They offer guidance. He needs to go too. He's a child trapped in a man's body. I understand that they will get help when they hit rock bottom--but gee wizz--how much lower do they have to hit? I have released it to the Lord but it creeps into my mind daily. Enough is enough! Perhaps I should go to my church's meeting.
  10. Love Little House on the Prarie....I always thought their family was perfect and wanted to be just like MA.
  11. :: Nothing but Roses :: The age-old advice to "stop and smell the roses" is more poignant than ever in these times of over-scheduled, task-driven lifestyles. As adults, that could mean taking a few minutes a day to appreciate the little things that add sweetness to our lives. But for children, especially the very young, virtually *everything* is a rose! Imagine stepping outside and witnessing a total eclipse of the sun that reveals a glorious meteor shower, accompanied by a choir of dogs howling in three-part harmony! Everything is that extraordinary to a child because s/he hasn't been around long enough for very many things to seem "ordinary." So the next time you're in a hurry and your child is "dawdling," remember that s/he is simply smelling the roses. Let your child inspire you to don your own "beginner's mind" and experience the fresh uniqueness of this "ordinary" moment.
  12. Anyone want to list their favorite Chrisitian Music Artists? I'd like to get some Cd's and am not sure what to buy. I like Christian Rock. Thanks!
  13. Welcome New Buddy! Here's to a great journey together thru life!
  14. I will have to really take the time to read this. I am not sure I know how to pray.....I talk to God..but don't know how to meditate and relax in prayer. I am way to strung out I think! (LOL)
  15. Hello, my name is Amy. I live in Las Vegas. I have been here before but took a break from all the extra curricular activities in my life. I have 2 boys- Mason who's 3 and Ethan who's 1. I was born and raised Catholic and have been searching for a deeper relationship with the Lord. I am currenly Christian. I work at my church as a Childcare Facilitator for kids ages newborn to 5. I teach bible for 3 hours. Why am I here? Well, I am overwhelmed. I take on too much extra things--mom group organizers, websites, friends and so forth. All of these have left an empty hole in my heart. I am looking for deeper spiritual relationships with guidance. I find most of the people in my life are not Christians, are young moms and just are'nt on the same level as me. They all discuss how they hate their husbands, can't stand being a mom, and sex....I am so beyond that. God puts people in our lives but it's up to us whether or not we keep them. I am going thru the process of weeding out and planting new seeds. I need to have my own 'space' somewhere I can go to be alone--where no one knows me. This is what I will find here. (Besides on-line fellowship with you all!) I am longing for a deep relationship with Christ. I hear him speaking to me daily as to what to do: SIMPLIFY. I am terrified of this. I am one who needs to keep on going--to be in control--and to help others. While doing this I am neglecting myself. I am NOT feeding my soul. So, all in all I am letting go of everything---this site will be the only chat site I have. My church will be my extra curricular for my kids. Baba Babies will be the site for family to see pictures. My Space will be the place for old friends to contact me. I just want to 'fizzle away' and stay within my own world....my kids, my husband and my Lord. I am 34 years old. Served in the Navy for 4 years, cut hair for 4 years, worked as an accountant from 98-2004 and now am a SAHM. Loved Vegas..lived the night life...had too much fun! I have been married 7 years and been with my spouse for 13 years. I have 3 Italian Grayhounds. We love Hockey in this house. I plan on homeschooling--using the Weaver curriculum. (That's me!) I was a HUGE Attachment Parenting Advocate here in Las Vegas. Started a Meet-Up group of 98 moms. Was very active. I just last month turned it over. A/P is a style of parenting---but what about making my children Soldiers of God? How am I feeding their souls???? I just got tired of my priorities mixed up. The Lord made me see it! So with this said---I am longing for fellowhip here! I am longing to meet others who have the same desires as me: To breathe the Lord. Many Blessing to you all--here's to an awsome journey!

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