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  1. Also, a lot of people are against medication for treating depression symptoms, but I know that the drug Zoloft is specifically given for bad PMS depression. I was on the verge of asking for it before I realized the stupid BC pills caused the depression in the first place.
  2. Being on the pill used to make me so depressed at that time of the month I could physically feel my depression. Going off the pill is the #1 thing that has helped me. It took me years to figure out the pill did this to me, but I later found out it is very common. If you aren't on the pill, I've heard that avoiding caffeine can help.
  3. I just wrote about this in another thread, but thought it was worth having its own thread... Lisa Welchel who played "Blaire" on The Facts of Life is now a SAHM of 3 and minister's wife. She writes great books for moms and has a website with a nice blog section where she talks about her struggles with weight and other real-life issues... I think it's amazing that a famous actress would choose "the simple life" over Hollywood. She's very inspiring. The site is: LisaWelchel.com
  4. This is really getting off topic, but someone mentioned The FActs of Life... Did you know the girl that played Blaire is now a minister's wife and mom of 3?? She also writes Christian mom books and articles and has a great website-- lisawelchel.com.
  5. Crys

    "Just" a mom

    I feel that way a lot too. When I worked, I was nostalgic about being a SAHM and was a little jealous of SAHMs around me. It's just human nature to find what's missing and then to let that get you down a little. Just remember you can have it all, just not all at once! You'll be able to work again soon when you feel your daughter can handle it. Nancy Pelosi was a SAHM until her youngest child went to college, then she was elected to Congress!! However, I also REALLY, REALLY respect women who are homemakers. Homemaking is definitely a full-time job.
  6. Yes, I guess we did wear painted on jeans, but when you're a skinny teenager, you don't mind. Also we wore those HUGE shirts over the jeans... Not like today where the jeans and shirts are tight and tiny!!!!! I think growing up in the 80s was so different than growing up now... even tv shows were so family friendly-- you could actually watch tv with your parents without hearing something that made you turn red. I still watch the Cosby Show and Growing Pains with my son on Nick at Night-- does anyone even know of "clean" sitcoms you could watch with your 9 year old child these days?
  7. That's so hard!!! I went to an ALANON meeting once and they made a big deal out of how no one can get someone to stop drinking... it has to come from within the person. You're always allowed to tell him how it affects you, though. Prayers for you!
  8. Oh but it is SO good!!! Bowtie Cream Pasta 1 pacakage of Sweet Italian Sausage Olive Oil Garlic clove (chopped) or garlic powder (about 1-2 TBS, depending on how much you like garlic!) 12 oz box of bowtie pasta 1 large can of diced tomatoes (drained) 1 onion-chopped 1 small container of whipping cream -Cook the Italian sausage in the olive oil, drain off the fat -Add onion and garlic -when onions are cooked, add tomatoes (drained) and cream -Simmer for about 15 minutes until you're happy with the thickness of the sauce -Serve over bowtie pasta It's addictive!!!!
  9. Crys


    I've heard of many kids weaning themselves, but many more who breastfeed as long as you let them. One of my neighbors where I used to live breastfed her 6 year old! My sister who was a champion breastfeeder of twins had to give it up at 6 months because they were biting her-- she started giving them bottles of formula until they were one.
  10. Also, I heard on a radio show once that some psychologists studied what would end up making people happier-- big things like vacations and getting more degrees, or little things like coffee, hugs, and the things we talked about here... the little things won, hands down. Just thought was interesting...
  11. Heard a good quote today on this subject... "If nothing really bad happened today, it was a GREAT day!"

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