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Fun Factor and Cleaning

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I’m worried my dislike of cleaning is rubbing off on my girls. I mean I clean, but I don’t at all enjoy doing it. I want my kids to develop good habits in all areas – health, nutrition, exercise, reading, studying, self esteem – the list goes on and on, but I’ve noticed they definitely are starting to dread cleaning as much as I do. Can’t pull the wool over their eyes!


Anyway, I read that the robotic vacuum roomba is really fun to use and that people find it enjoyable – almost like a pet. Great. Fine by me. I was just wondering if anyone has had this type of experience before we buy. I’d like to infuse a little fun into chores.

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I hate to clean also and my 6 year old son has no attention span so hates cleaning because he thinks it takes to long. One thing I have found that helps us both ALOT is to clean in 15 min intervals. We set a timer and clean for 15 mins, then do what we want for 15, then back to cleaning for 15 until everything we need to do is done.

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