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Ideas for improving the site:

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Just curious as to why you think this site doesn't have frequent new posts. I have been a member here for some time now and each time that I have visited there's not much going on. Many post go unanswered, ect...


Perhaps we could join together with some suggestions to make this site a fun place to be. Full of fellowship and encouragement...


Here's one idea:


How about an introduction forum for the new members. That way new members could come on and start their own thread, make an introduction of themselves, and this would give us all a chance to see them and welcome them in.


Are there any moderators for any of the forums?? I have noticed a thread or two go sour and nobody step in.


Christianmom: I know you run the site and I hope I'm not stepping on your toes here, but this site has great potential if we just put it to work.


Any more ideas???

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How about a forum for prayer requests?


Just looking through the forum lists now. Looking for more ideas. I may come back and add more.


Please, share your thoughts....



A praise forum?


A favorite bible verse forum?


What about specific forums for parenting?


like: Pregnancy/TTC forum



School-aged chilren


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I like how you're thinking theresac. I for one get especially overwhelmed with all the introductory posts... I have to spend a good chunk of time online to greet everyone as I wish I could... so something to organize all those would be great. A prayer request forum would be great too in order to make sure we don't forget anything.


I think what would help the site to stay active would mostly be for us (the members) to make more frequent posts beyond just responding to people's questions and prayer requests. Anyone who wants to bring more life into this site, take it upon yourself to originate a thread on a, let's say, weekly basis. Share a devotional you've enjoyed or author one yourself. Even if you don't have something that requires a response, share your adventures from a day of mothering. Just post!


And something else I've noticed: the given topics of threads will often evolve into something entirely different. Although this is something that is simply the nature of conversation, it gets confusing when a person is glancing over the thread titles - little do they know that the topic titled "Hi there" is really a deep conversation about the trials of marriage... and I for one don't always have time to read through everything in order to get a firsthand look at what's really going on. I guess part of this goes along with your suggestion for an introductory forum theresac - people can post their basic introduction with their stats in one place but then start a new thread sharing the stuff on their hearts that they really want a response to. But to help, if you're about to post to a thread, stop and consider whether your post will be changing the subject - if it will be, go ahead and post a response in that thread announcing that you will be posting related thoughts in a new thread called "____".


Just some thoughts.



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