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Daily Prayer/Praise Forum Idea

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Every time I log in to ChristianMom.com I am so thrilled to have such a loving and supportive community of friends. And the most awesome part of this fellowship is the love and support from all.


However, I have noticed that it is often difficult to discern just what my specific prayers should be for all of you. I think about so many of you that I have come to care for so deeply, but yet feel so inadequate sometimes when it comes to praying for your needs in the moment.


I have been wondering if it might be a good plan to set up a prayer and praise board. Mabye even as a link unto itself? Of course I can see some logistical issues with this-- such as the board list getting overloaded with expired requests-- but I still think it would be a wonderful idea.


This next question is for ChristianMom. Carla, what if you were to set such a link up, but do so in a manner in which all prayer/praise requests expire and are removed from the board after a certain length of time. Is that possible? (Or would we all just need to delete our posts as we go)? Perhaps all posts are updated weekly? (Like we do in our Sunday School class)?


And just as a sidebar thought... (going back to the self-responsibility if we need to delete old posts)... a lot of the moms here have already expressed an interest in moderating some of the boards. So if that is truly the case, maybe we could all moderate our own posts as well?


I do so very much want to be able to adequately pray for all of your individual needs as they come up. I would also love to be able to celebrate and praise right along with you through your moments of triumphs, blessings, joys, and even miracles.


Does this sound like a good idea? Would anyone else be interested? Is there any way that we could do this???

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I have previously asked Carla (christianmom) to put a prayer forum on the boards. She said she would do it. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure she's working on it? :)


As far as old prayers, you don't necessarily have to delete them. I am on another forum as well, we just update them and thank everyone for the prayers. ;)

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As you can tell, I've been busy trying to upgrade some new features, and their is now a discussion forum for "Prayer & Praise"...




Since this is new, we'll see how this works out. Once I get forums modified, I will start the process of adding moderators to different discussion forums...



aka ChristianMom

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