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February 2002

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God is Good! Mothers Day 1998 my 14 year old son was hit by a car while riding his bike. He suffered a traumatic brain injury. He lay in intensive care at Childrens Hospital for 9 days. After the first 3 days the Drs. decided to put him in a drug induced coma so his brain could rest and hopefully speed the healing process. When he was taken off the drugs that were keeping him in a coma. He was placed in the rehab unit of the hospital. He could say hi and squeeze my hand if he wanted to listen to his favorite music. The day after he was put in the rehab unit, he was not very coherent but I sat by his bed and stroked his hand to help calm him and let him know I was there. He had said his name but other than that just moaned and mumbled unrecognizalbe words. He lay in bed that evening and tears were streaming down his cheeks, he said "We have to pray!" I knew God was in that hospital room and working in my son. The next week was very hard because part of the brains healing process is a stage called agitation. He cussed (I never had heard those words come out of his mouth), and yelled and had to be restrained at all times. The Drs. assured me that the sooner he went trough this stage the quicker his healing would be. I had just remarried two months before he was hurt and I have to say I know God put my husband in my life! He was a rock! Very supportive and very compassionate. He was there every minute for anything I needed. My son had no movement on his right side becuase of nerve damage. I knew we were in for a long recovery. The staff had asked us if our house was wheelchair accessible. I could not face the fact that he could be coming home in a wheelchair. God had other plans.

He spent 6 weeks at the hospital. He had to learn to walk again and had therapies of all types every day. Our church and all the churches in our area were all praying for him. Our towns memo board by the city building even asked for prayer. He was a basketball, baseball player and enjoyed golfing prior to his accident. I just prayed he could walk into our house. I was in a small prayer group of 4 women that came 60 miles every week to pray with me. I prayed endlessly and spent a lot of time on my knees in the hospitals chapel. He was my only son. Well, miracles do happen and he is a miracle! Today he is a Senior in high school with great grades. Drs. had said he may never be able to learn certain things or concentrate very well. God is Good! God has a plan for him! I just thank the Lord for answering my prayers and I know He is with us every day!


Kaelyn's Mom

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