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Official Nativity DVD Contest Forum Thread

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This contest has officially ended. Thank you for your interest. Please check back for our next contest/giveaway! Coming up...some great new Christian books! Stay Tuned!!


ChristianMom.com is giving away 5 copies of the movie "The Nativity Story"! 5 winners will be selected when they enter an essay of their testimony. One winner will be selected each week during the contest, and 2 will be chosen the last week.


Please post your entries in this thread. Winners will be selected Weekly through April 13!!


For rules and regulations, please read the "sticky" thread titled "Nativity Story DVD Contest Rules".


Just in time for Easter - Journey back to the most momentous event in history as the greatest story ever told is brought to life in the epic drama, The Nativity Story, arriving on DVD on March 20, 2007, from New Line Home Entertainment. Hitting stores just in time for Easter, The Nativity Story is an inspirational tale of extraordinary faith and love that chronicles the arduous journey of Mary and Joseph, a divine pregnancy and the miraculous birth of Jesus.


To view a trailer of "The Nativity Story", click here: http://pdl.stream.aol.com/newline/gl/newline/trailers/nativity/TheNativityStory_DVDPreStreet__BH_dl.mov



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I am Melissa and I am from a small town in Kentucky. My testimony would have to start with an unhappy event which was my divorce from my 1st husband in 2005. I went to the lawyer’s office and signed the divorce papers the day before our 5 year anniversary. We had problems off and on throughout our 5 year marriage, and then he had an affair. Neither of us were committed Christians, but we had been to church.


Later in 2005 I started talking to people again on the internet. I wanted to find “a nice guy” who had a decent job, and I think I can ever recall praying to God for that “man” to come into my life.


I met a couple of people, but nobody struck me until I met Craig. We dated for about 8 months and were inseparable the entire time. We finally married in June of 2001.


The 5 years that I was married to my first husband I had lots of problems with infertility. We never had a child together and I was so scared that I would never have one with Craig.


September 11th shook us to the core, and we looked at our lives a whole lot differently from then on. Although we didn’t know the people or live near NY City, we felt the same loss. Craig had been raise in a Christian home for most of his childhood, while I had not. He had fallen out of church when he was in his teens, but now the Lord was pulling him back.


The night of Sept 11th my mother-in-laws pastor came over to her house and we rededicated ourselves to god.


In October I was baptized for the 1st time, by the same pastor.


We started talking about starting a family and started trying but nothing was working. One night we cried out in prayer to the Lord to please bless us with a child when he thought the time was right. In less than 3 months I was pregnant! After 5 years of trying I was going to have a baby! Ashley Mae was born in March 03’. When Ashley turned a year old we decided that I would go off of birth control. We said it was in the Lord’s hands. We had been blessed with 1 child and if God wanted us to have another child then we would. At the end of November 04’ we found out I was pregnant with baby #2! (A blessing from the Lord indeed!) Corey Allen was born in July.


Our kids are so happy and health today. Today, March 18, 2007 was a very special for our family. Before our church family we dedicated our children back to the lord. We feel so blessed to have two beautiful children!


This was just a brief description of what God has done in our lives in the past few years. I know that if you pray to the Lord and have the “faith of a mustard seed” then the Lord will surely bless!

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My journey


My name is Crystal and currently I live in the middle of nowhere in Southern Minnesota.


My story begins in Oregon where I was born. When I was about 18 months old, my father decided to leave our family. My mom was left with me and my two older brothers to raise. She moved us back to Minnesota where she was from. We lived on welfare for several years and she cleaned houses to make ends meet. I didn't really know that anything was wrong in our lives at that time, mom made sure that our basic needs were met and took us to church every week. When I was 4, she moved us to Texas to marry a man she met through a church penpal program.


I thought that this will fill the Daddy void I had, but unfortunately, he felt that we were a burden and wanted his own children instead of us. They did have a daughter togther when I was 5. He never spent time with any of us and was extremely critical of anything that we did. He didn't want us in school, so he could control our environment. Even church activities were banned. Our mom spent most of her time fighting for us to have as normal a life as she could, even though hers was falling apart. After 15 years, he decided he didn't want to be married anymore and told us we had a week to pack and leave. He didn't care where we went and he wasn't going to help us, even his own daughter.


I had just turned 18 at this time and this started my path of self-destruction. I moved to California and spent the next several years trying to deny God, cover my pain and hurt myself anyway I could. I drank a lot, slept with anyone, started smoking, never thought once about protecting myself against pregnancy. I never did drugs, for which I am very thankful. When I was 21, I got pregnant during a very casual sex-based relationship. He didn't want to have anything to do with me after that and I very shortly moved back to Minnesota to be with my family. You would think that having a baby would have been my wakeup call. Not for me.


I continued not going to church because I knew that if I did, I couldn't ignore God any longer. Instead, after my son was born, I kept going out to the bars and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Started and stopped going to school too many times to count. I always felt in the back of my mind that I wasn't where I was supposed to be or doing what I should be doing, but I wasn't ready to listen. After a failed engagement to a completely wrong man, I started a deep spiral into depression. After several months, I moved back in with my mom and realized that I needed to change my life and the only way I could do that was through God cleansing me.


I started going back to church, got a great job. A few months later, God brought a wonderful man into my life and we got married 11 months later. He loves my son as though he was his real father, and in many ways he is. God has blessed us with two more children, and a wonderful church family. My husband and I have both learned things the hard way, his story is much like mine. We have both felt the call to help kids and 3 years ago became foster parents. I also do daycare fulltime at home and currently have a 16 year old foster daughter. I feel so blessed by God and looking back I can clearly see so many times where God took care of me, but I didn't want to admit it at the time.


Today my mission is to help kids who have been where I have been and am so humbled by what God has done through me with the kids we have helped. Some people feel privilidged to be called by God, but I feel so humbled. That God chose me for his own, when I didn't feel that I was worth the ground I walked on, has comforted and blessed me many times over. Without God in my life, life itself would have no meaning.


God bless you Carla for following God's call to start this website for us to gather.



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I was lost, sinking deep in sin.

I was blind and could not see.

Jesus came and took me from darkness to light and took me in.

I tell it where ever I go.


If you want life and not death

Pray this prayer and Jesus will give you rest.


Jesus come into my heart

Take away my sins

Write my name in the book of life

Give me your Holy Spirit.

In Jesus name. Amen

Hallauyah, Hallauyah, Hallauyah,

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My testimony


I was born in 1977 into a Military family with all of the military problems. My dad was a tempermental alchoholic and very abusive to my mom. My brother 3 years older than I rec'd the brunt of most of his abuse. He also discovered my dads pornographic nature at age 9 and so from the time I was 6 until I was 10 my older brother sexually abused me. My parents still to this day do not know. When I was 10, my mothers brother decided I looked enticing to him and so he brutally molested me over and over again. By this time I had decided that males were worth nothing. By the time I was 15 I gave up my virginity and latched on to this guy with obsession. I dated him all through highschool and even though my very best friend felt the relationship wasn't healthy I knew better and my life was a fairy tale. I married him my senior year of highschool mainly to get out of the house. We had my daughter at age 19 and his true colors began to shine. See, I was always very much in love with Christ, not from upbringing, but because I had this one uncle who preached it to me all of the time. So I would go to church by myself with my daughter. In 1998, my marriage ended because of his infidelity. I was thankful that he was caught because I had a bibical way out of this unhealthy abusive marriage. That same year I met my husband I have today. A very charismatic guy that really knew how to talk the talk. Hey here I was a single young mom, very vulnerable. Although he was unexperienced with a women we were only together 1 month and we were sleeping together, I guess by then I realized that sex is the only way to get a guy. I became pregnant very quickly with our son. We got married in March of 1999 and I thought life was great. I continued to do the church thing, at first he went with me, then his band life playing at bars took over, then so did the alchohol. I found out soon that he was raised Jehova Witness and quickly understood is rebellion to Christ. Four years into our marriage he changed greatly, he suddenly wanted to go to church and before long handed his life to Christ, things were really looking good. He stopped playing music for secular things and put his talent to the work of God. I really thought we had the "perfect" life. But there was another secret in the shadows. December 2006 I found stuff on our home computer. The very same thing that warped me as a child, my husband was addicted to. This Godly man that I worked so hard to help transform, was addiced to pornography. I was torn to pieces and fight every day to feel okay. Once I found out, he confessed it all to me, that he had been fighting it since it was introduced to him at age 8 (which would also be the same year in our life that I was molested the first time) and he could never shake it. He wanted to get rid of it but couldn't because he couldn't confess it to me. At this point I knew he was broken to the only point that Christ could step in. We prayed and cried and prayed some more. We are at the healing stage now. My husband has been porn free for 3 months. He has made a huge transformation and our everyday lives show. He is now employed as the music minister at our church and this is after he let the deacons and the minister know of his personal sin. We look forward to starting over and can't wait to get into our new home, one that has not been darkened by this sin. We have decided to work on a book giving our life testimony in the near future in hopes that we can give hope to others and to let the world understand how much the victim of abuse and the victim of porn are all of the same and how God took us and threw us together to help one another heal. :D It is so nice not to fake the "Christian Family" any longer....


I am now truely in love with my husband as God had intended and he is in love with me with the pure heart that God intended for him.


Unconditionally in love,


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Our 1st Winner of "The Nativity Story" DVD


Hi Ladies!


We've randomly chosen our 1st winner of the DVD "The Nativity Story" from New Line Home Entertainment.


Our winning Mom is Stephanie12345. Congratulations, Stephanie!


You can read her testimony and many other wonderful ones within this thread.


All entries are still eligible to win one of the other 4 DVDs of the same title!


Thank you for your participation! Don't forget to enter if you haven't already!




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My name is Jessica and I was born in Virginia, but have been raised mostly in Central New York. My dad was in the Navy so after I was born we moved back to California (where my mom's family is from) and then after my mom and dad divorced we eventually moved back to New York where my dad's family is from. How all this actually works out, no one knows but God. My family has been dysfunctional from day 1! But my testimony that I want to share here, is that even though I didn't know God was with me through it all. He was with me when I witnessed my dad hitting my mom and when I had to go through court proceedings at age 4 or 5 to decide who we would live with. He was with me when my dad remarried a few years later and we had a newly blended family. He was with me through high school and college, and even now I know more than ever that he is with me.


Like everyone else my life had it's ups and downs. While I didn't enjoy most of it, and I didn't know Jesus all I felt I could depend on was myself. And that was true..... I trusted myself to choose my boyfriends, to choose when I would start having sex, to choose my major and my career. By the world's standards I was a decent person, but by God's standards I failed miserably. No one had introduced me to him so I didn't know. I did however have some influencial experiences in college and meet some people who tried to point me in the right direction. Looking back, I was surrounded by christians at college - I just didn't understand them! I even started listening to christian music that I had been exposed to through some of my friends. Ironically I began singing in a local church because they paid me to do so. As my college years came to an end I was seriously trying to settle into a serious relationship and figure out where I belonged. I had already secured a job but my boyfriend at the time was younger, it just wasn't working out. I had met a guy that I hired to work with me for a summer and we dated a bit, but never got serious. It had to be God, because literally the next guy I dated is the man I call my husband today. I know that if that guy had gotten serious I would have married him in a heartbeat, I wanted so badly to be married and start a family. God knew that too. Mind you, I still didn't know Jesus.


I had been trying to make friends online because I was now living and working where I had not grown up, and where I had not gone to school - so the only people I knew were people I worked with. That's when I met my husband. We started talking on the phone - about everything. You know how it goes, you talk for hours about anything and everything. At the same time I was moving and I needed help! So he came and helped me move. The day he helped me move was the first day we met! And the day we moved into the apartment we now live in with our two little girls. It was not the normal puppy love I had experienced before. It was stable, unchanging commitment. My husband introduced me to Jesus, and brought me to church. God knew I was searching - I was. I didn't know what the truth was, but as soon as it was presented to me I snatched it up and made it my own. Honestly when I said the sinner's prayer I didn't really understand what was happening. But I know it was God because since then nothing has been the same, and only God could have brought me through every hard circumstance since then!

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My mom had me when she was 18 years old. She was one of six kids in a family whoose mother was an alcoholic and beat them mercilessly. My mom slept with a man to have a baby . It was the only solution she knew to get her out of the house. When she told the man of the pregnancy, he of course split. I know nothing of my birth father save his name.


While out on her own, she met a man she thought could be a Father to me. She was wrong. She tried to break it off with him and he stabbed her in the back with a kitchen knife. She nearly died. She cried out to the Lord in that moment, afraid of what would happen to little newborn me if she died. I believe this moment was the critical point that saved my mom's life and subsaquently, mine and my sister's life as well.


With the sorted details of my mother's background, there is no reason I should be alive. The real miracle is that my mom succeeded in raising both myself and my younger sister to be radically saved, marrry Godly men and raise children in safe, happy, two-parent homes. We broke the cycle in Jesus name, Amen.


My true conversion is a different story. Growing up saved and in church and being a "good little girl" carried me for quite awhile. When I approached my teenage years, God became "two-faced" to me, or at least the people who followed Him were. My small, conservative chuch seemed so....dead.

I began to rebel. Curiously enough....I did it all for Christ!! I mohawked my hair, wore all black clothing and did street witnessing. I was scarey. I was hanging out with a bunch of punks, skin heads, etc. ALL SAVED mind you, just really sinning a lot. The Jesus I found worshipped in these passionate, all be it, unconventional rock bands was real. The lyrics were real. I became a radical, boat rockin', box breakin' Jesus Freak.


The condition was temporary (thank God). It wasn't until I was married with children that the bottom fell out from under me. I struggled with depression. My life simply wasn't what I thought it would be. As much as I loved my 'rocker' husband, he was chroniclly ill and we struggled financially A LOT. I couldn't stay home to help raise our children, but my husband got to. What's worse is that he didn't want to! It kind of freaked him out. Ironicly enough, my job at the time was caring for babies in an infant day-care and pre-school! I began to see God as often cruel and unusual and I was stuck in rut of self-hatred.


I could do nothing to change my circumstances, so I thought of myself as a failure at everything. It got to the point where I would punish myself or inflict a little pain on myself. I know this sounds terrible, but it is true. Self -hatred kept me paralyzed as a christian. Nothing I did could measure up and it was nearly impossible to have healthy relationships. God helped me see that some of MY choices actually opened a door for the enemy to come and wreak havoc on me and my family. You could say I was arguing with God. He says I am redeemed, clothed in white and precious in His sight and capable of doing good works. I tried to convince Him otherwise. It didn't work.


It took some incredible christian friends who loved me enough to get me out. They were willing to get in my face and help me work through my issues and rebuke the devourer in my life. It was also important for me to learn how to do this too. We have the authority, right? I became radically saved all over again. I got scripture memorized and written on the tablet of my heart and I chose to never again allow the enemy to steal life from me or my family.


Well, we all know that the enemy does try to do that from time to time, but what a joy to recognize it and know and be prepared.

2 Corintinans 2:10-12

Now whom you forgive anything, I also forgive. For if indeed I have forgiven anything, I have forgiven that one for your sakes in the presense of Christ, LEST SATAN SHOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF US; FOR WE ARE NOT IGNORANT OF HIS DEVICES.


That's it in a nutshell. God is real and awesome. Our adversary tries to get us to believe the same about him. The truth is that Jesus saves us everyday, we just have to walk in that confidence that once saved, we CAN HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST.

Let it be so,

so let it be done,

in Your name Lord!

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