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New from Michigan!

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Hi, I'm looking forward to getting to know the other mothers on here:)

I just moved from Fort Wayne, IN to Potterville, MI!

I have three children, Zachariah James -5, Jeremiah David-4 and Mariah Faith- almost 3.

Having been in Fort Wayne all my life, I'm having a hard time being in MI and not knowing anyone, so I thought this might help me keep my mind off of the changes;)


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Come on in and join the fellowship.

I would love to support you and ask you to give of yourself to support others in prayer, praise and questions, etc

No need for loneliness, for we are one body in Christ Jesus.

see you around.

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You are one of the Christainmom.com

Peace and blessing be unto you.

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Welcome Sarah! Whereabouts in Michigan? My mom grew up in Redford Township, in Detriot... my grandma still lives there so I get back there from time to time. I was actually born there but moved when I was two so my personal Michigan memories are only as a visitor. Hope these boards can help you feel a bit less isolated as you figure your way into your new community.

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I'm a Michigander also


Hi Sarah;

just taking some much needed time for myself tonight while my boys are sleeping.

I am from Northern Michigan and I understand.

I moved up here from Oxford (Michigan) so I've been here all my life..but this up here is very different. I live in a town that is only known for fishing and freezing conditions.

My biggest struggle moving up here(12yrs now) is only having a Walmart to call the mall.:(

Here is a little more about me: I am the wife of a full-time paramedic that is also the head supervisor. My boys are ages 11yrs, 8yrs and 6yrs(they keep me hoppin'). I am a stay-at-home mom that has just accepted that this is where GOD wants me to be and I will do my best at it for Him.

Alot of young couples are struggling up here if the wife is a stay-at-home mom or a single mom(I know both).

I am a leader to the 2nd graders on Wednesday nights at my church and I love it. I have had the opportunity to lead one of the little girls that I take to church to the Lord(that makes everything worth while).

I also have all 3 of my boys in cubscouts and my 11yr is in basketball. The women up here told me it's just getting started:eek:

hope all is well with your family...Rebecca

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