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Do you think Racism, can affect our kids future?

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We all know that there are different kind of people that live here in the United States, and sometimes they describe different people in their color! White, Black, Brown, yellow etc. I was very aware of what this race problem can affect our kids, we should be love and respect one another, eventhough we are in different colors, b/c we came from one creator and that is our dearest God, I admit it, even in our own Country Philippines, their is a bunch of Chinese, and they are very successful compare to Filipino, maybe their is a few Filipino who been lucky and have gold spoon in their mouth but in the other hand, their is plenty of Filipino who is poor, but we never think that race could affect our future, but here in the United States the Land of opportunity, racism is a big issue, hopefully someday everybody would think color is not important, the most important is being one and united in the name of dearest Jesus, and we need to appreciate how God is bless America, as my co-filipino believe that someday our dearest God hands will touch our country and spreads blessings.


God bless

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I agree that there is a destructive amount of division simply due to people's "surface" traits - their coloring, their language/accent, their native land, etc. Sadly, I think this will always be the case until Christ returns. I think that as humans try to remedy the problem, they simply change the titles. Every couple years we're told to refer to a group of people by a different name because it is offensive to call them by the name that has been used in the past. I definitely think racism can and does affect our kids... but it's because racism is in itself an effect of sin... a result of this being a fallen, corrupted world... and sin affects all of us in every area of life. As individuals we can pray that God will search our hearts for any impure thoughts towards others and we can obey the call to spread the gospel, which includes the message that all people are loved by God and that we are to love all people. Though there are degrees of improvement through God's blessing that can be enjoyed, until the day that God's kingdom comes upon earth, we're just going to have to keep fighting the good fight.

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