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Should I Go Out to Work

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Kids are both in school, youngest is 8, I'm wondering if it's time for me to find work. At my last church only 2 moms stayed home without working. I worked for 10 yrs. before kids and have been home 10.


Now that my kids are in school should I go out to work? I always thought I would but don't feel compelled any more. Should there be a strong feeling about it? I think some of the feeling is that I'm older now and a little intimidated. How can I overcome this? Should I just make the plunge?


My husband isn't pushing me but does make comments like, maybe you'll find work by Christmas.


Some days I wish I had an outside job to give more dimension to my life. I know many of you say, "who cares about the world and what everyone else does." But the truth is that most people I know do work so there must be reasons. Is it God's plan?


I don't want to vegetate, or stagnate, but I don't want to rush into something I'm not ready for. Will I ever be ready? I guess I'm at a crossroads.

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Oh - I can't imagine how you must feel...the world makes you feel like that is what you are supposed to do. God has a plan for you, and ask him, until you are clear with his answer. You will find great peace in answering his call for you!


First question...if you did go back to work, and it was a year round job...what would happen with the kids during the summer??? This was someone's comment when we discussed it.


All I can say is pray pray pray...the Lord can guide you where he wants you. Pray WITH your husband about this.


Some ideas...I talked to a lady who only works during the school year, another who works AT the school in the cafeteria (benefits: near her kids, and summers off!)


What about not full time work - but offering to do childcare in your home for someone who needs it? Or after school care? Maybe for a neighbor, a friend, someone in your church. Or maybe helping with the elderly? (Drs. appts., shopping, etc.)


Also - if work isn't the thing you're led to do...have you thought about hosting a bible study in your home once a week. A step further is hosting the bible study and offering to do the child care for the Mom's who don't get a break. I've seen some neat mentoring programs for teens at churches, where they are paired up with friend's parents, etc.


Maybe there is part time work you could do in your church, or even another area church.


Just some ideas. Hope this helps. I will be praying for you!

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Thanks for your reply. I have done many things as suggested over the years.


I did fulltime home daycare when my kids were 2 & 10 mos. It was great at the time. I burnt out and did part time day care, it was great, then moved. I just recently finished doing afterschool care. All situations were as much for my kids as me and less about cash.


I've led Bible studies and attended them, helped do props for church, set up our library, helped at my kids classes.


I've been getting the feeling that I need to do something more "adult" now. So many of those things were love offerings - a real giving of myself for very little pay or thanks, but they fit in at the time.


I worked with professionals before and considered myself one and guess somewhere deep down I am still quite a capable person. I'm just stalling at making the decision to branch out.


I am thinking that God will open the door at the right time, but I guess I'm wondering if I should start doing more knocking.


Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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Just wanted to update this. The Lord finally opened the door. I held out for what I wanted and got it. I wanted hours where I could get my kids off to school and be available to pick them up at 3:30 and be with them. I got a job working from 10 - 2. They needed someone to cover the intake calls during lunch. It is also just down the street from my kids school & near home.


The Lord also made me wait until they were legal age to be home alone. It was in the back of my mind, and that is what the Lord wanted all along. Now if they need to be home for a few hours or during the summer, I can at least rest assured that it is legal.


As to work, I have risen to the challenge. My brain has kicked into gear after all these years, largely due to volunteer work I kept doing along the way. I have felt good about being out with people daily, having responsibilities beyone home and feeling much more self-esteem. I even have a new wardrobe out of the deal and bought us a new kitchen set out of the money I've earned. So, yes, eventually there was life after kids for me and it feels good.

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