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hi everone. I posted this in the introduction section, but thought I would post it here since I'm a single mom.




Hi everyone. I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself and what I'm looking for.


I'm 28 and have a son who is 18 months old. His dad and I are no longer together (which is something I have huge amounts of guilt over.. his dad isn't a very nice person.. something I didnt know until after we were married) Anyway. I'm in a very loving and committed relationship with a wonderful man, who is also wonderful to my son...

I work part time for a newspaper in the circulation department doing customer service/administrative work. I love my job and the people I work with and for.

When my son is spending time with his dad, I love to read, scrapbook, and I'm learning to crochet. But mostly, I love spending time with my son.


I was mad at God for a long time, but recently, I have been praying again and asking God to come back into my heart. I can feel a change happening in me, and I'm afraid for it to go away. I want to find some people who can relate to me, and help me move on from my past. I've been told my alot of different people in my life that I have a hard time letting go of the past.


Wow, I just realized that I wrote a novel in the introduction section of this. I know it's alot to take in... anyway. I'm glad I came across these boards.

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Well Well Well Hello LauraD and welcome to the site and the single mom ministry.


It is just wonderful to say welcome to a new single mom and her son.


I am glad to hear that you are putting you life on track with God.

Because being a single mom we need Him in our lives. Most of the time he is the one we have to turn to and trust that he will provided all our natural and spiritual needs.


WOW I was just reading an article about the newspaper industry today.

You said you love to read and it will be your road map to holding on to that change happening in your life that you don't want to loose. It is God's road to salvation reading and studying his word, learning of his will for your life, learning of his ways and not our own how we see it through our own eye, but it is through his eyes.


Do this as well just as you love spending time with you son, God love to spend time with you. He loves you and want the best for you and His love is unconditional, just like the love you have for your son.


So I encourage you to spend time with God, do ever let Him go, don't ever leave Him, He will take you to a place that no man can ever do. that place is a place of true love, true joy, true hope, and a true relationship with Him.

In the mist of all that he will give you the desire of your deepest dream and of you purest heart.

See you around and stay around, ask questions and most of all seek God word for all the answers to your question that you have for your life.

I will do my best to point you to the word of God for His answers.


God has a funny way of getting you mad to draw you close to Him.

Just coming to Him will help you move past the pass. Just seek Him He will clean you up.


Thanks for being open and talking it is the way to you healing process.

Hey it good we don't know you. So feel free to talk.

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Last time I went on a carriage ride, the horse fell down, he was too overworked, I wouldn't do that ever again, they don't treat the animals well at all, you could tell that horse was very tired. The guy got him up and made him keep working too, even with two skinned knees the hair was completely gone and he was bleeding, his eyes were so full of pain. I laid hands on him and prayed for Jesus to be him before we left, but I will never support that kind of business again!

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