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How to Raise Great Children In This World Today – Part 2

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If you’ve read, Praying Through Your Pregnancy, you found that I wasn’t always a believer. When I became pregnant, I began to seek God like never before. And out of fear and desperation I began to pray. Even though my husband was supporting me along the way, I was scared and felt all alone.


After my little ones we’re born, I discovered that God really did hear my prayers and that’s when I truly started believing in Jesus more than ever before.


These are what I feel are the most important values and beliefs that we need to teach our children in this world today…to help shape their lives here on earth and for eternity. If possible, we should focus in on these daily.


Do I do these things every day? I can honestly say that I try, but not all of them and not always. Sometimes you just can’t, but I do try very hard because I know that they are in the best interest of my children and I want them to turn out to be Loving-kind-compassionate-healthy-human beings.


So here’s my list of top beliefs and values that we should be teaching our children from the very first day of their life. (I will be expanding on each one in blogs to come.)


*Pray together every day, you can start with each meal, when they wake up and when they go to bed.

*Teach your children about Jesus and teach them the Word of God.

*Teach them to love others and to be kind.

*Teach them manners and to be polite; To be young ladies and gentlemen.

*Teach them how to be healthy, if you don’t know how, then research and get help.

*Exercise with your children every day!

*Teach them that real JOY comes when you put Jesus first, others next, and yourself last!

*Teach them that whatever they do has consequences.

*Teach them to trust you and to obey you ... and they’ll have an easier time trusting and obeying the Lord!

*Teach them how to get along well with others -- to share and be diplomatic.

*Be the best example you can be-- children do what you do, not what you say!(Man, do I know this one to be true!)

*Teach them to be frugal and that money doesn’t grow on trees—it takes hard work.

*Spend time together laughing and playing.

*Take family vacations—it doesn’t have to be expensive, just time together.

*Do something nice for others—help someone…examples to come.

*Turn off the TV, especially during meal time.

*Hug, hold, and love your kids daily.

***Don’t ever let the sun go down without saying “I love you” and “I’m sorry” if you did something wrong.


Now, I’m sure I’ve missed something, and I would love to hear from you, so please post your comment.


My mom and I came up with this list. And along with my 6 siblings, I have always said that mom’s “gift from God” was being a mother! She is awesome!


(And yes, I know I have more then 10. I felt they we’re all very important.)

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Those things are all really important. You and your mom pretty much covered everything. There is just one little thing that I might add (it may even be in your Part 1 post; I haven't got to read that yet). Everything in your list is about teaching your kids, either one on one teaching or teaching by example. I think the most valuable thing you can give your children is prayer. Pray for them. Pray alot! Pray all the time! It's such a tough world out there; not like when I was a kid...so many challenges, so many temptations. Pray for them when they are gone from home, pray for them when they are on the road, pray for them when they are out with other people. The best part is that I can still pray for my children that aren't home anymore!

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GREAT LIST and I have to admit I dont do these things daily with my children. But I VOW right here and Now to God and everyone of you one here I am going to TRY REALLY HARD TO BE A BETTER MOMMY!

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Thank you Texasmommy and Momsense for your comments.

I know how hard it can be, Texasmommy!!

And yes Carol, Pray, pray ,pray, that was my #1!! I agree with you 100%!!

I'm going to expand more on each topic and give some stories and examples so please let me know what you all think!

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I can't wait to get to read about stuff as you expand upon each topic. I think that's so important that we try and help each other, jpolimino. For so many new mommies there is no help to answer questions about what kinds of things they should exposing their children to. After all, we know that children don't come with a handbook. There is no manual to tell us moms how the best way to do things might be. The most valuable thing we can do is encouraging them to love the Lord and ask for God's strength and help. He will guide them down the path of raising our children. We can share our two cents worth too; in the biz of having kids experience counts a lot.


Praying for you, texasmommy! Just the fact that you want to try to be a better mom means that the Lord will bless you and help you to do it. That's awesome!

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