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Homeschooling a special needs child.

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I'm wanting to find out if anyone is homeschooling a child with special needs using the K-12 or a Virtural School curriculum that has an IEP? My youngest son is 10 and has an autism spectrum disorder. (Asperger's) My husband and I have decided to homeschool our son for the 2013-14 school year using the local public school district's Virtural School program that partners with K-12. (an online public school) Our son has some chronic health issues that made it difficult for him to function in a traditional school setting. We loved our son's elementary school. His 4th grade teacher last year was a christian, a beautiful person inside and out. She has been teaching for a long time and has the patience of Jobe! We loved her dearly. Because of our son's health issues he missed approximately 50 days of school last year and the manifestations of his autism became much worse. When I practically had to beg the school principal and my son's SPED teachers to help my son keep up. Their response to my asking them for help was, to say the least, very dissapointing! It seemed like the only person willing to help was his classroom teacher. Because of the lack of support towards my son's needs, my husband and I have decided to enroll him in the virtural school and homeschool him. Has anyone else ever had a situation that was/is similar to ours?

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