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Draw a line with your kids and Social Networking!

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Hoping all Christian Mothers unite and fight for their kids by cleaning up their "friends list"!



Posted by a Louisiana mother on her daughter's Facebook wall:


Dear Facebook Friends of My Daughter, Arianna… Wow, there’s a lot of you suddenly! She’s been making friends for a long time now. Some of you are from England, some are from New York and some of you are brand new from here in Louisiana. She’s got a quite a plethora…young and old. So this is for all of you who find yourself under her “friends” tab. I, her mother, am going to delete you. Not all of you…just the ones of you who can’t find their clothes. And just the ones who think vulgarity is funny….and cool to repost for her eyes to see and her ears to hear. Some of you are mutual adult friends and some of you she’s just discovered at school…no matter…young or old, if you’re inappropriate, I’m deleting you from her Facebook friends. She’s 13. I’ve already been told that I can’t shelter her forever….I know this. But I can shelter her for now. I can shelter her for as long as I can, as hard as I can because that’s what a mom should do. Teenage life is tough. Peer pressure is horrible. Vulgarity suddenly surrounds her on every front….on TV…on the internet…on the Middle School BUS. She hates it. She runs from it…so today, I’m going to do all that I can to help guard her heart…and we’re starting here, on her friends list. So, if you love to show your cleavage in your profile selfies (or any other part of your body that should be covered) or you love a good laugh at the obscene, you’ll be deleted by the time you finish reading this post. If you find yourself suddenly blocked from her page – KNOW THIS: You have value. And that value does not rise and fall on your clothing or lack thereof. But until you realize that, I cannot let you have access to my daughter. Her heart is pure. It’s gold. It’s tender. It’s worth guarding…and so is yours.




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This is awesome, and I completely agree. As parents, we have to look beyond Facebook too - many kids, middle school and high school have moved away from Facebook because that is where all the parents have landed. It's no longer the cool place to be. I'll be providing some other posts on other social media sites where the kids are and how we can stay involved. Facebook has it's value - especially for those of us with families far away and overseas, and reconnecting with long lost friends. But it has to be used with a clear mind, you know? Just my opinion!

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