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Share your tips for f/t work, family and the balancing act

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HI! I've just joined. I'm Aussie - found this forum and thought 'cool'.

I work full time in a busy media / communciations management role. I have two kids in Kindy and Grade 2. I find things challenging to balance everything. I don't really have many friends in similar situations (ie working fulltime or thereabouts, with primary aged kids). I have been a SAHM while they were little, but things are VERY different when you also have to balanace a career outside the home.


I wondered who else is out there like me with similar competing pressures? Do you have tips/tricks to share? If so please share? I am struggling my way through and happy to offer my own. My husband is very helpful which is amazing.


Look forward to connecting with some new friends here online! Look forward to hearing from you!

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Hello Aussie,


I can completely relate to your work schedule. As I too, have a full time job, a part time photography company (on the side) and two children. Between work, photography, school, church and just trying to be a mom - I get overwhelmed sometimes.


Here are just a few things I HAVE to do every weekend to make sure I'm ready for the week.

- I prepare a menu for the week - grocery shop according to my menu list (this saves some $$)

- I prepare the entire weeks menu and freeze it with instructions written on the top. That way my husband just pulls the dish out of the freezer and pops it in the oven. When I get home, I finish the cooking by preparing the sides dishes, etc. This really helps of not having as much to clean up in the kitchen.

- I layout my clothes and my two daughter's clothes Sunday night for the entire week. This is probably the most important thing I do to be prepared for a smooth week. If I don't, I will be late for work. In addition to the cloths, I will make sure that in Wednesday cubbie - I have a diaper bag in my youngest, and an AWANAs bag with completed work in by 6 yr old cubbie. This way on Wednesday the girls get ready and we grab their bags for Church. Time is on such a crunch every Wednesday, that I literally, get off work - race to pick up my children and go straight to church.

- Each night I pack the girl's and my husband's lunch. Everything but the sandwich (we don't like soggy bread).


I find that the way the morning goes will effect the rest of my day. I hope you find this helpful... maybe we will be able to be SAHM one day.


God Bless!

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Hello. I was relieved when I started wirking at home. So, I cook for the kids since they are at home, I can do homework with them, we can play and watch cartoons. But the balance is still difficult. I am trying to do my best.

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