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Digital Doom - WHERE ARE MY PRINTS???

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So ladies, back when this website was started, Creative Memories, Stamp It Up, all those types of things were very popular! There's nothing more fun than finding that perfect scrapbook paper for the theme of your most recent book. However - life got in the way and I didn't keep up! Once I got my first digital camera (around 2000-2001), I stopped printing and we kept all of our photos on our computer, then we had a family website, then we emailed photos and then we discovered Facebook and then smartphones became popular.


I had been a photographer years ago in the "film age" and I've taken it up again, but I am the worst at getting my own photos printed! My oldest child, my son, is about to graduate from high school this year and I am feeling horribly guilty that I don't have numerous scrapbooks to present to him or lying around the house for him to see. But he knows most of the photos are online. Somewhere.


I had a friend compliment me years ago because I would take the time to label the back of each photo with names and dates. She responded that her kids would have to guess at names and dates using "context." haha. Ouch, good luck.


I recently discovered the ability to stand at a Target store, log into their wifi through the Kodak program and send pics from my phone directly to their printer and print them out. I was printing photos to frame and give as gifts. It was easy and quick. Also, there was a business featured on the TV show "Shark Tank" called GrooveBook, and the membership price is $2.99/month and you get to upload up to 100 photos per month from your smartphone only (not a desktop computer), and they will print them for you and ship them to you for that price. They are bound together as 4x6 prints in a booklet and each photo is perforated, so you can tear them all out or just a few. The first one was free with a coupon from a friend, but I think it made you sign up for a subscription that charges you the $2.99/month and will give you a date by which you need to upload photos. I got my first little booklet today and it's pretty good. A few photos were not the best quality (my fault), but my family (husband & 3 kids) enjoyed seeing them. Receiving that today prompted me to write this and find out what it is you do with your photos?


Are any of you still active scrapbookers? For a slacker like myself, would you recommend me starting with the most recent event and work backwards as time allows, or see how far I get with where I left off (unsure how long ago that was!!)


I'm sure I'm not the only one in this predicament! Maybe everyone is satisfied with things like Facebook for viewing friends photos - but I would miss not having a book or printed photos to pick up and hold in my hands as the years go by.



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