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Advice for a natural birth

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I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant and I'm looking for advice on childbirth. My due date is August 4, so I still have quite a bit of time to prepare but I really want to take the time to do it right and be fully ready for the big day. It's my first pregnancy.

I really want a natural birth, no epidural would be ideal and (like a lot of women I'm sure) I'm worried about the pain, but more specifically no being able to bear the pain for long hours if my labor isn't quick. I know I will need more strength than I naturally have and I hope God will provide me with it. I was wondering if any Christian mom here had any advice on how to prepare for the birth, how to pray about it, how to build strength with the help of the Lord and so on.

I was thinking maybe making a playlist of worship songs that I could listen to while in labor, or pick out specific verses that me and my husband could pray about beforehand and during labor too. 

Thank you for your answers, I pray that all of you are safe during those difficult times. God bless you!

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Hello Lillie,

Wonderful news, and to God be the glory.

I went through a natural childbirth. It just so it happened to be before the pregnancy, that I would ride my bike to work (7 miles), and along the beach 25 miles one way, so about 50 miles.

When I found out that I was pregnant, I stopped riding. So, I started going to aqua aerobics. But let me tell you I didn’t plan on a natural childbirth.

Now this was my first, and only child. I was in labor for a few days and the last day, my daughter was coming so fast, that when my doctor arrived, he couldn’t get his suit off fast enough. So, he told me not to push, until he changes. When he returned. He could see her head. I pushed the first time to learn what to do, and the second time she was out.  It was too late for an epidural. I am so grateful; it happened that way. This was my first and only child. I knew that I might not have another child, because of my age.

You know everyone’s experiences are different. But, I didn’t find it much painful. It was painful but not as some drums it up to be. My daughter was born on August 13. I also breast-feed her, and I bought a pump. I tried to make the best experience of having one child. She is now 22 years old and attending college. She is an artist. God has blessed me, and her with His perfect situation for our lives.

So not planned, and not prepared, I look back, at riding my bike, and aqua aerobics, and have drawn a conclusion that, God, knew His plan for the birth for myself, and my daughter. He planned it all.

Caution: It is good to hear the stories of others, but you have to adhere to the consultation of your doctor. Always stay in prayer with God, as you carry the greatest gift and miracle of giving birth and being bless with a child. Second to the gift and miracle of God’s son Jesus to the world, that we have life and the forgiveness of sin.

Father God, I pray for Lillie, the father, and their soon to be child that she takes this time to seek You in her life for the plan that You have for this birth. Father bless her with the happiness that she has not felt before, because she lives for You. Give her wisdom, and knowledge to do your will as being a Christian mom, and a loving mother to her child. As these days pass allow her to read your word, and impart your Spirit into the life of the child that she holds inside. We pray this prayer in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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Hi Lillie!

Congratulations! I'm thankful for ABC's response to you above^^

Your first child - such an exciting time! I'm mom to 3 and grandma to an almost 11 month old!)

We Mom's are never forgetful of our own birth experiences! The first thing I thought of when you talked about a playlist of songs - so wonderful that you have that option! If that is what relaxes you then that is a must! Also - please forgive every one of us Moms out there who can't help ourselves and tell you all our stories, good and bad! 

I had an epidural with the first and it all went great and no pain, but I also didn't feel much at all. Waiting for it to wear off took some time, but I wasn't running around anywhere anyway, I was too busy learning how to nurse! 2nd child, epidural also, but they had changed it where it just took the "edge off" of the pain and so I could feel to push and I it wore off much sooner. I had planned and done classes for natural childbirth for both, and ended up both times with epidural. My sister had all 4 of hers with no epidural - I wanted to be like her! I had a neighbor who was a delivery room nurse for 31 years and she kept telling me "don't be a martyr, have the epidural" hahaha - all with a sweet spirit of course! Her advice was the Mom's just enjoyed the experience so much more. I have no regrets in my change of plans, and I know it's split about 50/50 among my Mom friends on what they ended up doing. So you do what you and your doctors think is best!

I had many reasons I didn't want to have it and literally at the last minute changed my mind. It all depends on a million things - how fast you progress, etc. So I think the best advice is to prepare like you are to not going to have it, but be open to having it if you or doctors feel you need to. I'm not a doctor, of course, so just my opinion. 

Side note - it was my husband that had more issues with the epidurals than I did - he didn't like needles  - he almost passed out! (shhhh, don't tell him I told you) haha!

Epidural or not, practicing relaxation techniques was the most helpful thing to me, time in prayer and scriptures, prayers and encouragement from others, etc., and there is nothing more wonderful and miraculous than that moment when you hold your baby in your arms! Keep us posted on how you are doing!

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On 4/4/2020 at 8:06 AM, christianmom said:

"Epidural or not, practicing relaxation techniques was the most helpful thing to me, time in prayer and scriptures, prayers and encouragement from others, etc., and there is nothing more wonderful and miraculous than that moment when you hold your baby in your arms!"

This is absolutely a great statement, and I agree with christianmom. Holding that baby the second greatest gift, and miracle known to man.  Keeping God in the equation is always part of the plan.

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