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Wait - you were already at home!

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Thinking of all of the Moms who "stay at home" Moms and may also work part or full time from home  - you were already used to being home - but maybe the transition is to EVERYONE being at home with you now (kids doing digital learning, kids home from college, spouses working from home, etc.) All of our situations are so unique! I am praying for these adjustments and transitions, praying that some things are only temporary and that God will make all things work together for good. What are some of the good things that have come from this extra time at home for you and of everyone being at home?

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My stress is from now having to homeschool two elementary age girls, and having a 4 month old new baby. Hubby works an hour away. We lost his mother this year to covid so I wasn't taking any chances. Last year the day after Thanksgiving, we lost our best friend. The year before that, we lost my mother on Thanksgiving Day. We haven't have time to grieve yet alone get some sense of normalcy. We instead have dove into our works. His computers, mine the kids. 

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