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'Tis the Season to be Sniffing

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I guess all Mums everywhere are going through the cough-cold-sniff time of year . My gang are at it again !!

I read in the paper that children seem to find learning to blow their noses more difficult than tying shoelaces - I agree.


I just remembered a trick an ENT Consultant mentioned years ago for this very problem .


Get an old card and a little feather , or cotton wool fluff .

put the card under the kid's nose and ask them to blow the feather off. They can't blow out of the mouth as the card is in the way. Once they can do that close off one side of the nose and see if they can still do it.

[if they do have a cold - be prepared to use several different cards :-) ]


Try it - it works - and it's fun



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WOW! That is a great older posting! I am going to use that on my two girls. I couldn't figure out how to get them to blow their noses. Awesome idea~ :)


dawndawn :)

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