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September 2003 - Mom of the Month

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September 2003

Brenda from Texas.


My name is Brenda. I have two little boys; Age 4 and age 2. My 2 year old was born with Spina Bifida, the second most common birth defect in the world. I was 19 and my husband was 22 when he was born.


The doctors told us that he would not be a normal child. He probably wouldn't walk or be able to play like a normal child. I had so much grief for my son while he was an infant, fearing that this would all come true.


Well, I always believed in power in prayer. I had him prayed for by several pastors. And of course my family and friends would pray for him also. I never gave up on God. Every night I would say a special prayer for my son to get a complete healing.


My son, who is now two years old and walks, runs and plays very good. I just want to say to those who may have children with Spina Bifida, don't ever accept what doctors say. If you have a mind to pray, do it. I know without a doubt that my son was healed because I never gave up. I'm sure Jesus probably got tired of the same prayer every night, but I wasn't going to give up one bit. He looks like a normal child, you wouldn't know that he has this condition unless you saw the scars on his back. Seeing my son be healed has given me so much strength, I can ask God for anything and know he will answer.


A example of that is that one day at church a visiting pastor came to our church and told us to raise our hands to Heaven and ask God to do what you want him to do for you. Well I couldn't think of anything, he had done so much already for me. So I decided well my husband could use a raise at work, so I asked God to give my husband a raise and for his boss to tell him the next day that he would be getting a raise. I thought well I'm not going to tell anyone. So the next day my husband came home from work and said "guess what?" I said "I don't know, what?" And he said "I'm getting a raise." When he said that I started to cry, he said "what is the matter?" I told him about the prayer.


See, it doesn't have to be something as big as a healing for God to answer, just a simple prayer and a lot of faith takes you places. Now when I pray-asking God for a certain thing, I know it will be answered. These two prayers aren't the only ones that have been so detailed answered either, I have so many it seems so unreal.


I guess what I want to say is there is nothing like the power of a praying wife, or anyone to that matter. I think if you just believe God will answer you. I just can't express how much God wants you to talk to him, and it doesn't matter how old you are. I'm only twenty-two, I know God hears my prayers.


Thank you,



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Praise God for all He has done for you and your family!!! God is wonderful and He loves us so much He will answer our prayers. I, too, believe in the power of prayer and have seen them answered. My husband and children and I are so blessed!!!


Christy, pray about the debt and payments of your new home. My husband and I were recently *handed* the opportunity to build a new home. I had been praying for a larger house nearer my children's Christian school and our church for almost six months. Every day I asked God to please bless us with a home close to school. When a builder offered lots for sale next to the school and church, we didn't once consider them because of the expense, then they sold out in a week. A few weeks later our pastor's wife called to say that the lot next to theirs had come back on the market and they felt we should know about it. We *never* thought a bank would finance it. Two days later we had approval and signed a contract. Seriously, God has handed this opportunity to us and I trust Him that we will be able to make our larger mortgage payments. And I know that building and moving into this house is His will because it was truly an answer to a prayer. So, ask God to provide you with the funds to pay your mortgage. He will provide!!!

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what wonderful truths from wonderful women of God. It is so refreshing to hear these testomonies. ( sorry not a good speller). I know myself anything I have truly ask for that went along with his plan for my life I have recieved. Anything that was for selfish or fleshly gain I havent recieved. Isnt it amazing Gods timing. Isnt it amazing that he knows our true heart desires and gives us what we need when we need them. I say this because I have learned at one point I wanted to be thin for just outward appearance to like what I see in the mirror or I wanted a certain car to keep up with the Jones. Guess what God showed me that anything we ask for for selfish gain or that will pull me away from him I wont recieve. Guess what I released that part of me and ask for forgiveness and the weight is begining to come down May God have the glory. Not in my time but his. As far as the fancy car he said why would he give me more when I cant afford to pay for or take good care of what I have now. So guess what I am starting to make sure the payments are on time and I have learned to appericate what I have.

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